18 June 2024
Snickerdoodle Strain Review and Information

If you are a fan of the sumptuous Cookies ‘n Cream flavor, then the Snickerdoodle strain is a must-try for you. This is a yummy flower that underscores the taste of the decadent ice cream with the perfect blend of fruity and creamy flavors. Once this smoke touches your lips, you’ll be greeted with a velvety smooth sensation that lingers on your palate. Like most precious gems, the Snickerdoodle strain is surrounded by the mist of enigma. Let us try to unravel its many secrets, starting with its origins. 

Genetics Of Snickerdoodle Strain

The originator of the delicious Snickerdoodle strain remains unknown till now. However, from the naming of the strain, one can easily guess the level of discernment in the creator. A similar amount of foresight and care went into crafting its genetic makeup. It is an evenly balanced hybrid marijuana strain with equal proportions of Sativa and Indica. 

It was created by crossing Cookies ‘N Cream with Juicy Fruit strains. Although the original breeder remains unknown, the California-based weed company Pacific Cultivation has introduced Girl Scout Cookies phenotypes of the strain. 

Physical Form Of Snickerdoodle Buds

The feel of the Snickerdoodle nug on the fingers is distinct and unique. While most other nugs are sticky and resinous to the touch, a Snickerdoodle nug is as dense as a rubber ball. In fact, you would need to exert a lot of force to squeeze the bud, and even then, the dent will repair itself on its own. The buds bear an uncanny resemblance to grapes; only they have a fuzzy growth surrounding them. 

If you break open the green exterior, you will find resplendent purple and minty green tones inside. You must grind this bud in order to put it into a joint or a pipe. The powder you get from grinding the bud is a kaleidoscope of the two vibrant tones. 

Snickerdoodle Strain Review and Information

Flavors Of Snickerdoodle Strain

The buds emit a creamy smoke upon being burned that smells like spicy vanilla and tangy citrus. The two distinct flavors do not blend together but work their magic upon the senses separately. As you inhale the smoke, it descends into your throat and lungs with a creamy smoothness. However, when you exhale, a sharper, fruity, and tangy flavor takes over the olfactory senses. True to its namesake, the Snickerdoodle strain is able to maintain a creaminess throughout the smoke session, even though the other flavors contained in the resin fight for attention. 

The Health Benefits Of Snickerdoodle Strain

If a buzz is what you desire solely, then the Snickerdoodle will definitely not disappoint. However, if you are looking for a marijuana strain that can curb your stress-related problems, there can be no alternative to the Snickerdoodle strain. It can also work miracles for patients with ADD/ADHD and PTSD


In a nutshell, the Snickerdoodle strain is just as delicious as it is healthy. It will cure many mental health problems and act as an activator for creativity and focus in your life. It can help you to feel confident in your mind and limber in your body. Therefore, you can use this strain during the day to get important tasks done on time. 

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