16 July 2024
30 Top Stoner Cartoons to Watch in 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of animation, stoner cartoons have carved out a unique niche, offering viewers a blend of humor, surreal adventures, and sometimes thought-provoking content, all through a haze of cannabis-inspired creativity. As we step into 2024, the genre continues to grow, with both new entries and enduring classics capturing the imagination of audiences. Whether you’re looking for a laugh, a trip, or just something to enjoy while you’re high, here’s a list of 30 amazing stoner cartoons to watch in 2024.

Top 30 Amazing Stoner Cartoons

Here are the top 30 amazing stoner cartoons you would love to watch.

1. Rick and Morty

30 Top Stoner Cartoons to Watch in 2024

“Rick and Morty” is an animated series that follows the interdimensional adventures of an eccentric and alcoholic scientist named Rick Sanchez and his good-hearted but fretful grandson Morty Smith. The show is renowned for its creative storytelling, which blends science fiction, existential themes, and dark humor. Its appeal to stoners lies in its complex narratives, imaginative worlds, and philosophical underpinnings, all wrapped in a visually stimulating package.

2. BoJack Horseman

Set in an alternate reality where humans and anthropomorphic animals live side by side, “BoJack Horseman” chronicles the life of its titular character, a washed-up TV star from the ’90s trying to find happiness and redemption in an industry—and the world—filled with superficiality and self-destruction. The show is deeply introspective, offering a nuanced look at issues like depression, addiction, and the search for meaning, making it resonate with viewers looking for depth and authenticity.

3. The Midnight Gospel

In the list of top stoner cartoons, this show was created by Pendleton Ward (of “Adventure Time” fame) and Duncan Trussell, “The Midnight Gospel” is a visually arresting series that combines deep, existential conversations (sourced from Trussell’s podcast) with fantastical adventures in the “Chromatic Ribbon,” a universe simulator.

The protagonist, Clancy, uses the simulator to interview beings living in dying worlds, leading to discussions on spirituality, mindfulness, and the human condition. Its unique blend of thought-provoking content and psychedelic animation makes it a perfect match for viewers seeking a profound audio-visual experience.

4. Adventure Time

“Adventure Time” follows the adventures of a boy named Finn and his best friend and adoptive brother Jake, a dog with magical powers to change shape and size at will. Set in the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo, the series is notable for its imaginative setting, colorful characters, and the way it tackles complex themes like friendship, love, and loss through the lens of its whimsical world.

While ostensibly aimed at children, its deeper layers of meaning and emotion have earned it a broad fanbase, including stoners who appreciate its creativity and depth. This comes at #4 in our list of best stoner cartoons to watch in 2024.

5. Disenchantment

From Matt Groening, the creator of “The Simpsons” and “Futurama,” “Disenchantment” is set in the medieval fantasy kingdom of Dreamland. It follows the misadventures of Princess Tiabeanie, her naive elf companion Elfo, and her demon Luci.

30 Top Stoner Cartoons to Watch in 2024

The series combines Groening’s signature humor with a story that explores themes of destiny, freedom, and humanity. Its appeal lies in its satirical take on fantasy tropes, richly developed characters, and the underlying darkness that contrasts its comedic surface.

6. Futurama

“Futurama” is a sci-fi animated sitcom created by Matt Groening, and ranks at #6 in our list of top stoner cartoons. It follows the life of Philip J. Fry, a pizza delivery boy who accidentally freezes himself on December 31, 1999, and wakes up a thousand years later. Now living in the 31st century, Fry gets a job at an interplanetary delivery company.

The series is celebrated for its clever blend of humor, heart, and thought-provoking storytelling, touching on themes like love, friendship, and the essence of humanity—all set against a backdrop of imaginative sci-fi scenarios.

7. Solar Opposites

“Solar Opposites” centers on a team of four aliens who escape their exploding home world only to crash land into a move-in ready home in suburban America. They are split on whether Earth is awful or awesome. Korvo and Yumyulack only see pollution, crass consumerism, and human frailty, while Terry and Jesse love humans and all their TV, junk food, and fun stuff.

Their mission: protect the Pupa, a living supercomputer that will one day evolve into its true form, consume them, and terraform the Earth.

8. South Park

“South Park” is an animated series known for its fearless satire of current events, pop culture, and politics, all through the experiences of four boys—Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny—in the titular Colorado town. Its crude humor, combined with sharp social commentary, makes it a staple for viewers who appreciate comedy that pushes boundaries.

This amazing show comes at #8 in our list of best stoner cartoons to watch while high in 2024.

9. Regular Show

This animated stoner cartoons series features Mordecai, a blue jay, and Rigby, a raccoon, who work as groundskeepers at a park and turn their everyday jobs into surreal adventures. “Regular Show” is celebrated for its unique blend of adult humor, nostalgic references to ’80s and ’90s culture, and heartfelt storytelling, appealing to those who enjoy a mix of absurdity and emotion.

10. Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Centering on the surreal adventures of three anthropomorphic fast food items—Master Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad—”Aqua Teen Hunger Force” is known for its nonsensical plots, bizarre humor, and an array of eccentric characters. Its off-the-wall comedy and unconventional storytelling make it a cult favorite among stoners.

11. American Dad

Created by Seth MacFarlane, “American Dad” follows the life of Stan Smith, a conservative C.I.A. agent, and his eccentric family in Langley Falls, VA. The show mixes political satire with absurd humor, focusing on Stan’s over-the-top patriotism and the family’s bizarre adventures. This show comes at #11 in our curated list of best stoner cartoons in 2024.

12. Family Guy

Also from Seth MacFarlane, “Family Guy” is centered around the Griffins, a family living in the fictional city of Quahog, Rhode Island. Known for its cutaway gags, irreverent humor, and satirical take on American culture, the show has a unique style that has captivated audiences for decades.

13. The Simpsons

The longest-running American sitcom, “The Simpsons,” focuses on the titular family in the town of Springfield. Its clever satire on everything from family life to politics makes it a beloved classic, with humor and heart that resonate across generations.

14. Big Mouth

“Big Mouth” is an animated comedy about teenagers navigating the nightmare of puberty. With its brutally honest and hilariously awkward depiction of adolescent experiences, the show offers a refreshingly candid take on the trials and tribulations of growing up.

15. King of the Hill

Set in the fictional town of Arlen, Texas, “King of the Hill” portrays the life and times of Hank Hill, his family, and their neighbors. The show’s humor is more subtle and character-driven, focusing on everyday life and American culture with a gentle satirical twist.

16. The Boondocks

Based on Aaron McGruder’s comic strip, “The Boondocks” follows African American brothers Huey and Riley Freeman as they navigate life in the predominantly white suburb of Woodcrest. The show is known for its sharp critique of race relations, cultural issues, and societal norms in America.

17. Paradise PD

An adult animated comedy, “Paradise PD” is about a small-town police department filled with dysfunctional officers. The show’s dark humor and outrageous scenarios make it a hit for those who enjoy comedy that’s both edgy and absurd.

18. Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series

Following the conclusion of the live-action series, “Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series” continues the misadventures of Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles in animated form. The show retains the original’s spirit, humor, and loveable characters, adding a new, surreal dimension to their schemes.

19. Harley Quinn

This animated series follows Harley Quinn’s adventures after her break-up with the Joker, as she tries to become a member of the Legion of Doom. With its sharp wit, vibrant animation, and strong, complex characters, it’s a standout show that explores themes of empowerment and identity.

20. Tuca & Bertie

Created by Lisa Hanawalt, “Tuca & Bertie” explores the friendship between two bird women in their thirties. The show combines surreal humor with themes of personal growth, anxiety, and the complexities of female friendship, presented in a visually stunning style.

21. Metalocalypse

This animated series follows Dethklok, the world’s most popular and influential death metal band. “Metalocalypse” is known for its dark humor, brutal satire of the music industry, and surprisingly detailed portrayal of band dynamics.

22. Clone High

A reboot of the early 2000s show, “Clone High” features historical figures cloned and brought to the modern world, attending high school together. The show is a clever mix of historical satire, teenage drama, and sharp humor.

23. Gravity Falls

“Gravity Falls” is a mystery-adventure series about twins Dipper and Mabel Pines, who spend the summer uncovering the supernatural secrets of Gravity Falls, Oregon. The show is beloved for its clever writing, lovable characters, and the depth of its mysteries.

24. The Venture Bros.

This series parodies 1960s cartoons, particularly “Jonny Quest,” and follows the Venture family as they embark on absurd adventures. “The Venture Bros.” is known for its intricate storytelling, character development, and a unique blend of action, comedy, and drama.

25. Brickleberry

An adult animated series, “Brickleberry” focuses on a group of dysfunctional park rangers working at a second-rate national park. The show’s humor is often dark, with jokes about politics, race, and everything in between.

26. Mr. Pickles

Set in the small, old-fashioned world of Old Town, “Mr. Pickles” follows the Goodman family and their demonic border collie, Mr. Pickles. The show is notorious for its dark humor and graphic violence, wrapped in a seemingly innocent exterior.

27. Squidbillies

This adult animated series features the Cuyler family, a poor clan of anthropomorphic hillbilly squids living in the Appalachian region of Georgia’s mountains. It’s known for its absurd humor and satirical take on American culture and politics.

28. Hoops

An adult animated sitcom, “Hoops” centers on a foul-mouthed high school basketball coach who believes he’ll make it to the big leagues if he can turn his terrible team around. The show combines sports comedy with adult themes and humor.

29. Disjointed

“Disjointed” is a bit of an outlier on this list as it’s not an animated series but rather a live-action sitcom that aired on Netflix, starring Kathy Bates as Ruth Whitefeather Feldman, a lifelong advocate for marijuana legalization who finally lives her dream of owning a cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles.

The show combines traditional sitcom elements with unique stoner humor, animated sequences, and surreal cutaways that explore the characters’ highs. While it received mixed reviews, “Disjointed” is celebrated within the cannabis community for its unabashed embrace of marijuana culture, featuring a cast of characters that includes budtenders, security guards, and various customers, each bringing their own stories and reasons for cannabis use to the forefront.

The series tackles topics like PTSD, the legal challenges of running a dispensary, and the medicinal vs. recreational use debate, all while maintaining a light-hearted and often absurd comedic tone.

30. High School USA!

“High School USA!” is an animated television series that parodies the archetypes and events typically found in American high school life. Created by Dino Stamatopoulos (known for his work on “Community” and “Moral Orel”), the show is styled after the classic Archie Comics but with a decidedly more adult twist on teenage issues.

The series follows a group of friends as they navigate the complexities of high school, dealing with themes such as technology addiction, bullying, and the pressure to achieve. What makes “High School USA!” appealing to stoners and adult animation fans is its clever satire, vibrant animation style, and the way it tackles contemporary issues with both humor and depth.

While it might not be as directly related to cannabis culture as some of the other entries on this list, its unique take on the absurdity of adolescence and societal norms resonates well with a mature audience looking for smart, biting comedy.


These 30 stoner cartoons offer a wide range of humor, adventure, and unique storytelling that are perfect for kicking back and enjoying a smoke. Whether you’re into classic animation or looking for something new and groundbreaking, 2024’s lineup has something for every cannabis enthusiast.

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