16 July 2024
Apple Rock Candy Strain Review & Information

The recreational and medicinal benefits of the Apple Rock Candy strain make it a popular choice in the cannabis community. However, you must have a little knowledge before consuming, dabbing, or smoking green stuff. Therefore, this blog will discuss every detail about this strain, from THC content to flavor to uses. 

Apple Rock Candy Strain Review & Information

Overview of Apple Rock Candy Strain

Apple Rock Candy strain is a hybrid cannabis born from Alien Genetics. The strain came from a cross between Sour Apple and Alien Rock Candy. Comprised of 19 to 24% of THC content, experienced users can make the most of the bud. 

Further, it comprises 0.2% to 0.4% CBD with other cannabinoids like CBG, CBC, THVC, and CBN. Apple Rock Candy is easy to manage and can grow outdoors and indoors. The nugs are bright green, small, and in a heart shape. Their fluffy appearance comprises amber-colored, thick hair and crystal-like brilliant orange trichomes. 

Apple Rock Candy Strain Terpene Profile: Aroma & Flavor 

Belonging to an illustrious family tree, Apple Rock Candy offers a delicious flavor and makes a perfect candidate for patients. As you can discern from its flavorful name, the strain will resemble a candy’s sour, citrusy, and sweet taste, resembling grapefruit and apple. A hint of a sharp pine, nutty, and green apple adds to this. 

You may notice the scent matches the taste, with an overtone of sour or green apple. To amplify this essence, earthy pine and sugary citrus join in. The Apple Rock Candy strain flavors and aromas are the result of a blend of terpenes, including:

  • Limonene: Citrusy aroma with mood-elevating prosperities for stress, anxiety, and depression relief. 
  • Pinene: Features pine scent with anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and pain-relieving benefits.
  • Myrcene: Responsible for earthy and musky flavor with soothing effects. 
  • Caryophyllene: Offers a potent, peppery, spicy scent with tranquilizing and anti-inflammatory effects.

Effects of Apple Rock Candy Strain

After a few exhales of the Apple Rock Candy strain, you will experience a hit following almost instantly. It will permeate your brain with euphoria and ecstasy, eliminating all the negative thoughts or rapid thoughts. 

The good vibes will make you giggly, and you may feel a rush of motivating and creative energy. With your mental mechanism operating exceptionally, it makes a perfect option for a morning puff.

Subsequently, you will feel tingly sensations across your body along with this head high. As a result, the smoker will experience aroused and relaxed sensations. 

What Does Apple Rock Candy Strain Help Relieve? 

The average THC content in the Apple Rock Candy makes it a practical choice for patients. Medicinal marijuana users can treat their cramps pain or chronic pain with this incredible strain. 

The strain is exceptionally relaxing, making it a perfect solution for depression, chronic fatigue, anxiety, and chronic stress. Moreover, individuals struggling with reduced appetite or anorexia will experience positive results with Apple Rock Candy. 


Apple Rock Candy, comprising up to 24% THC content, is ideal for experienced users who need a potent hit. The aromatic and flavorful profile of sour apple, pepper, and citrus due to terpenes like limonene makes it a marvelous choice. You can enjoy a few morning puffs of this nug to feel energized, motivated, and creative. 

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