18 June 2024
Blue Dream Sativa Strain

Are you tired from the daily grind of your professional life? Do you wish to escape into blissful relaxation at the end of the day? Well, then, you must try the Blue Dream sativa, which can transport you into a state of euphoria. But that is not all. Blue Dream sativa combines the effects of Sativa and Indica to deliver an uplifting high while heightening your creativity. This article will discuss more about the strain and its specific properties. 

Blue Dream Sativa Strain

What Is Blue Dream Sativa? 

This is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain of marijuana that was first cultivated by Northern Californian growers. They combined Blueberry Indica and Super Silver Haze to arrive at this superbly aromatic and flavorful strain. Ever since it was first introduced in Santa Cruz in the early 2000s, cannabis enthusiasts could not get enough of it. 

All credit for this amazing sativa strain goes to the anonymous cultivator who also gave the world DJ Shorts Blueberry and Santa Cruz Haze. But the Blue Dream sativa represents the pinnacle of his craft by incorporating the effects of Sativa and Indica in perfect balance. With time, this strain has captured the market and is now growing worldwide. Therefore, you can find Blue Dream Sativa in many more flavors and forms. 

Typical Flavors Of Blue Dream Sativa

The Blue Dream Sativa strain has a delightful citrusy undertone that complements the dominating sweet blueberry flavor. Consumers have also reported tasting a mild, hashy flavor in the strain. However, the lingering fruity notes pair well with the slight hashy, diesel-like undertone. You can easily distinguish Blue Dream Sativa from the Santa Cruz Haze or the Azure Haze by its distinct looks. The dark green bud has blue hairs covering it to give it a unique visual appeal. 

What Is The THC Level? 

Blue Dream Sativa only has about 21% THC, which makes it a moderate THC strain. Some growers have also cultivated the strain with 24% THC to cater to those cannabis lovers who wish to experience the exuberant high that the cannabinoid is said to provide. Blue Dream Sativa, with a moderate dose of THC, is best suited for novice smokers, and they can move on to the higher strain after they have adapted themselves to THC. Even with the moderate THC variant, you are guaranteed an uplifting high. 

Blue Dream Sativa Strain

What Are The Benefits Of Blue Dream Sativa? 

An individual who intakes Blue Dream Sativa will feel a burst of creative energy within him. It will result in more productivity and motivation. Besides these benefits, there are several overarching advantages of consuming Blue Dream Sativa. 

  • Relaxation
  • Cerebral high
  • Sleep inducing
  • Pain relief
  • Full-body effects


Blue Dream Sativa is an exceptional strain of marijuana that has the power to captivate even veteran cannabis users. It draws in consumers with its beautiful flavor profile and leaves them feeling energetic and euphoric. If you too wish to embark on this exciting journey try Blue Dream Sativa once. We can guarantee that you will not regret the decision. 


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