18 June 2024
Bombsicle Strain Review

Bombsicle strain is a 70% Indica/30% sativa hybrid strain with an Indica dominance that was produced by combining unknown hybrid strains. Bombsicle’s precise lineage is unclear, but because of its incredibly exquisite flavour and extremely joyful and heady high, it is much sought after by both breeders and patients.

The Bombsicle high is akin to an explosion, infusing your mind with an intense, elevated state of ecstasy. This clear-headed condition soon becomes hazy, causing you to waver in and out of consciousness until you eventually go into a pleasant, profound drowsiness and restful slumber.

The Bombsicle strain is a cannabis variety that has a high concentration of cannabidiol (CBD) chemicals; you should research it further. 1.1–1.34% of it is present, which is significantly more than typical strains. THC content ranges from 24 to 26.5%. THC concentrations this high are typical for hybrids with an Indica dominance. 

Important facts about Bombsicle strain

Since linalool and limonene are the predominant terpenes, it stands to reason that their combination produces the greatest flavours. Customers typically experience peach flavours. Users may also experience other sweet flavours, such as berries, depending on the dosage and composition of the specific piece. The smell of strawberries is the most prevalent.

Bombsicle Strain Review

Advantages of Bombsicle strain

The Bombsicle strain stands out in the cannabis market because of a unique combination of qualities that appeal to those looking for both medicinal and recreational effects. One noteworthy advantage of this strain is its exceptional potency, which can result in a powerful and long-lasting high due to its high THC content. This puts it at the top of the list for those seeking a potent and quick remedy for conditions including anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain.

Bombsicle’s distinct terpene profile further enhances its mouthwatering flavour and pleasant aroma, enhancing the entire cannabis experience. Its terpenes, such as myrcene and limonene, not only provide a wonderful sensory experience but may also have anti-inflammatory and mood-enhancing effects.

People who like a more diversified experience tend to favour strains that provide a balanced mix of calm and excitement. A strain’s aroma has a significant role in how enjoyable it is overall. Popular strains typically have distinctive, agreeable fragrances. Since everyone has different tastes, it’s important to keep in mind that what works for one person cannot work for another. Additionally, local regulations about the legalization of cannabis and certain strains may vary.

Information and review of Bombsicle Strain

Bombsicle has been shown to relieve pain and arouse feelings in some people. Bombsicle smells like berries, but not very strongly. There are many varieties of hybrids available today. Some have higher levels of THC than CBD. Many have a combination of cannabinoids. Flowers from hybrid cannabis plants have a genetic composition that is either sativa or indica-dominant, derived from both indica and sativa strains. Hybrid cannabis strains are developed artificially and combine certain characteristics of ruderalis, indica, and Sativa strains with psychoactive effects.

Users of cannabis experience a head high because of Bombsicle’s euphoric and deeply relaxing properties. The ideal time to use this strain is during the day. Users have reported using Bombsicle to treat pain, fatigue, depression, and loss of appetite. Bombsicle cultivation is renowned for having moderate growing difficulty. 

Growers wishing to plant indoors could anticipate a moderate output and average height in approximately 8–10 weeks. When harvesting outdoors, Bombsicle should be ready for harvesting in October. Expect a moderate yield and average height.

Bombsicle Strain Review


Because of its special genetic combination, the Bombsicle strain provides a delicious cannabis experience. Its powerful flavour profile, which combines sweet and fruity undertones with a well-balanced cannabis mixture, produces a calming and pleasant high. Among the many cannabis strains available, Bombsicle is a tasty and potent choice for both medicinal and recreational use.

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