16 July 2024
Cake Face Strain Review & Information

Cake Face strain is a genetically modified hybrid cannabis strain created by crossing Animal Face and Face Off Bx2. Cake Face is a great strain for seasoned cannabis users because it contains 16% THC and 1% CBG. Cake Face seeds are genetically heavily linked to Kush, and they grow into robust plants. Strong mental and physical effects are combined in Cake Face cannabis, making it perfect for smokers who have greater tolerance levels.

Cake Face Strain Review & Information

Characteristics of Cake Face Strain

Cake Face strain has more benefits than just strength. The aromatic scent of sweet cake or biscuit, with strong earthy overtones and a faint hint of mint, wafts from the visually arresting olive-green blossoms. Tight orange hairs, big grape-shaped minty green nugs with purple undertones, and a layer of tiny, purple-tinted white crystal trichomes all adorn this bud.

A delectable variety of flavours is also offered by tasting the fragrant smoke. The flavour of this bud is sweet and creamy, reminiscent of vanilla cake, with hints of earthy herbs and spicy nuttiness. The scent is quite earthy and herbal, and as the nugs break apart and burn away, it becomes more intense. It has a wonderfully sweet, somewhat spicy vanilla cake effect. 

The unique blend of terpenes at play is responsible for the inhale’s spicier and more tingling flavor. Myrcene contributes to the kush, and skunk-like herbal odors, and terpinolene probably produces pleasant floral aromas. A combination of limonene and caryophyllene enhances the many flavors and fragrances.

Effects of Cake Face Strain

Due to its well-balanced composition, Cake Face cannabis offers an exquisite fusion of psychedelic and physical effects. The earthy, sweet buds provide hours of uplifting and soothing enjoyment.

The Sativa side of Cake Face strain hits powerfully and quickly, starting to manifest minutes after your initial hit. With a rush of happiness, the extremely positive buzz begins, lifting your spirits and filling you with enthusiasm. Enjoy a fun-filled evening with friends, filled with intriguing conversation and belly laughs.

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After the indica effects of the Cake Face strain become apparent, settle in for the next few hours since you won’t be leaving the house. The body gradually begins to experience a profoundly relaxing sense of relaxation that releases tension and eases sore, tense muscles. 

You won’t be completely unaware of modest consumption, but it gets difficult to get off the couch, and the sedative effects become stronger the more you consume. With a startling 20–25% content, Cake Face strain can fulfil even the most stringent tolerance standards. Smoke Cake Face cannabis slowly if you’re new to the scene so as not to get overwhelmed. Even though it’s rare, overeating can make you feel a little queasy, suspicious, or lightheaded.

Cake Face Strain Review & Information

Cake Face Strain Seed Growing Instructions

These Cake Face cannabis seeds take an average of eight weeks to blossom indoors and seldom more than nine. Growers are likely to be impressed by this feature. The pleasant characteristics don’t end there, though, as it produces an extremely outstanding yield of 650gr/m2 in a short amount of time. Furthermore, these ordinary seeds grow well with SOG or SCROG and simply require the occasional trim and light adjustment.


Cake Face strain’s distinct flavor profile and uplifting effects provide for a wonderful cannabis experience. It is a well-liked option for individuals looking for a delightful retreat because of its harmonious blend of upliftment and relaxation. Accepting the happy effects, Cake Face is a tasty and fulfilling strain.

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