18 June 2024
Can You Smoke Weed Stems?

Cannabis or weed has gained massive popularity in recent times. Also, they come in various forms to make your weed consumption easy and more exciting. So, if you do not like to smoke weed or weed flowers, you can try other methods to enjoy the benefits of cannabis. For example, you can use weed gummies, pills, and tinctures, or if you want to do a little extra, you can try to smoke the stems. But can you smoke weed stems really?

However, this highly potent weed plant has both positive and negative effects. And you must learn about them well before getting into it. 

What are Weed Stems? 

Before we discuss whether you can smoke weed stems, let us begin with the basics and learn about what are weed stems first. Weed stems are stick-like parts of the hemp or marijuana plant attached to the weed flower buds. Based on the quality and type of strain you buy from your local dispensaries you can get these stems along with the buds. 

Can You Smoke Weed Stems?

However, in most cases stems contain less or no CBD, THC, and terpenes.

Can You Smoke Weed Stems? 

If you wonder whether you can smoke weed stems, yes, you can do that. But, if you ask whether you should smoke stems, then the simplest and straightforward answer will be no, you must not. First of all, weed stems contain very little or probably no THC and CBD, so they will not make you as high as your weed buds. Also, many stoners complain that weed stems also taste poor and intolerable.  It can also cause coughing, soreness, nausea, abdominal pain, etc. 

Specifically, smoking in general, is not right for your health whether you smoke tobacco, cannabis buds, flowers, leaves, wood chips, or stems. When you burn these plant parts, they release harmful toxins and Carcinogens. Inhaling these toxins can be harmful to your lungs and windpipe, and even lead to cancer. So, smoking weed stems is useless as it offers no, or very little reward for all the struggle. 

Can You Get High-Smoking Weed Stems? 

If you want to know whether smoking weed can get you high then you might not find the answer desirable. This is because weed stems do not have sufficient amounts of cannabinoids such as CBD and THC. As the stems are said to have very little to no amount of CBD, THC, and terpenes they can not give you the desired high you are looking for. 

However, these stems may not get you high but are not completely useless. They can be used in different ways instead of smoking. 

The Potential Risk of Smoking Weed Stems 

Smoking stems are useless in terms of getting high or benefiting from the cannabinoids. Also, it can lead to several potential health risks or hazards. Many weed users also complain about various health hazards of smoking weed. Here is a list of potential risks of smoking weed stems-

  • Sore throat
  • Ranging headache
  • Coughing
  • Nausea
  • Abdominal pain

Alternative Ways to Use the Weed Stem 

However, smoking weed stems is not a wise choice and can lead you to various health hazards. But that does not mean they have no use or you must throw them into the trash. Stems may not help you get high when you smoke but they can be useful to collect trichomes or bubble hash. Also, you can use below alternative methods below to use weed stems-

  • Cannabis tea: You can use weed stems to make cannabis or marijuana tea as it helps you derive the cannabinoids present in the stems without having harmful toxins. Also, making cannabis tea with stems. You can boil ground weed stem with a tea diffuser or pot for 10 minutes and strain with a cheesecloth before drinking. 
  • Cannabutter: Just like cannabis flower you can use cannabis stems to make cannabutter or weed butter and enjoy the benefits of cannabis in various delicious recipes. The process of making weed butter with cannabis stems is the same as you use to make cannabutter from weed flowers. Remember to use more grounded weed stems than flowers as they contain less CBD and THC.
  • Topicals: Weed stems are also a good choice for making cannabis topical, and utilize the cannabinoids before you throw them into the trash. 
  • Tinctures: Always decarboxylate the ground weed stem before you begin the process. Also, take more or double the amount of weed stem powder to make effective tinctures for use. 
  • Cocktails: Adding decarboxylated weed stems directly into the cocktail is an easy way to enjoy weed. You can also use tinctures you made from the stems to make cannabis-infused cocktails. 


Smoking cannabis flowers or buds is the most basic way to enjoy the benefits of the herb. However, if you wish to smoke the stems of the plant, you may face more negative effects than benefits. Also, stems are relatively low in THC and CBD making them insufficient to make you high; above, we have discussed everything you need to know about smoking weed. 

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