18 June 2024
Dawg Cookies Strain Review and Information

Dawg Cookies strain is a hybrid strain that combines the traditional Girl Scout Cookies with the potent Chemdawg. It is indica dominant, with 70% indica and 30% sativa. A deep taste and powerful, primarily cerebral, Stoney high are what you can expect from this weed. Dawg Cookies are like a Girl Scout Cookie with a high dose of chemicals that will make you cough on top of the sweet and nutty taste. As the nugs are crushed, the aroma carries on with the sweet herbiness of the original Girl Scout Cookies, accompanied by a subtle flavor of nutty vanilla. 

Power and Smell of Dawg Cookies Strain

Dawg Cookies Strain Review and Information

Although there are strains with more THC, the effects of Dawg Cookie—which may reach 20% THC—are on par with or even greater than those of many modern hybrids. In addition to promoting a calm state of mind and body, it is a great option for those suffering from worry and tension. The Chemdawg genetics give Dawg Cookie an increased blooming time of 8 to 9 weeks and better yields. Exquisite scents and flavors abound, with hints of nutty undertones and strong petrol notes accented with vanilla.

Experience with Dawg Cookies Strain

As you have some Dawg Cookies strain, you’ll feel an overwhelming rush of happiness that will make you laugh uncontrollably and feel so good that you’ll be beaming ear to ear. In the midst of your growing joy, you may find yourself indulging in some munching. Dawg Cookies is supposedly ideal for treating conditions such as depression, bipolar disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome, mood swings, and appetite loss because of these benefits. The buds of this plant are shaped like popcorn and have a bluish-green hue. They are covered with tiny milky amber crystal trichomes and have long, microscopic orange hairs.

Dawg Cookie Strain: Details on Growing 

Whether grown indoors or out, the plant typically reaches a height of 110–190 cm. It takes 8 to 9 weeks for the Dawg Cookie cannabis seeds to bloom. Under ideal circumstances, indoor plants grown from Dawg Cookie seeds may produce 400–450 grams per square meter, while outdoor plants can produce 500-550 grams per plant. Dawg Cookie thrives in dry, mild environments when grown outdoors. In the Northern Hemisphere, outdoor harvests often take place in late September or early October, whereas in the Southern Hemisphere, they typically take place around April.

How to Put Dawg Cookies to Use?

Consumers of the Dawg Cookies strain of Indica-dominant cannabis report a balanced body high that promotes restful sleep and a creative burst throughout the high. This, however, is a direct result of its hybrid status as a Sativa Indica. For some, it aids with pain and nausea, while for others, it stimulates the appetite, boosts productivity, and inspires new ideas. But nighttime is when you should really put it to work.


The mind-altering, Stoney effects and robust taste of the Dawg Cookies Indica Strain are sure to knock you into a loop. Dawg Cookie, Dog Cookies, and other name variants are the result of breeders’ attempts to cross the much-touted Cookies and Chemdog. Other names include Lemon Dog Cookies, Purple Cookie Dawg, and Watermelon Cookie Dawg.

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