18 June 2024
Garlotti Strain Review

Garlotti strain is a hybrid strain that has many characteristics of an Indica strain, making it a great choice for fans of Gelato strains, even if its makeup leans slightly toward Indica. With ancestry from both Gelato and Chem, Garlotti inherited many of their desirable characteristics, including a high THC content, an earthy flavor tinged with a hint of chem-breath, and an exquisite aroma. 

Is Garlotti Strain a Sativa or an Indica?

With a low CBD content and strong THC levels, Garlotti is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that is 60% Indica and 40% sativa. The Garlotti strain is known for its earthy scent and taste that hints at citrus fruits, especially fresh oranges. Some people report feeling stoned and unable to move off the sofa, while others report feeling like they’re flying high and free of mental stress. This tasty strain can help you relax and concentrate.

Things to Know About Garlotti Strain: The Best Hybrid Strain?

Breeding two famous strains, Chem D and Gelato, with the tasty Grape Mac strain is how Indica dominant Garlotti is produced. Many who have tried Garlotti attest to its calming effects, which they believe will keep them from goofing out all day. Those who have tried it report feeling tranquil and pain-free as their minds become clear and a light body buzzes over them, easing away mental and emotional stresses.

Garlotti Strain Review

The Garlotti plant release a perfume that is both distinctively sweet and garlicky, with a subtle undertone of grapes. It has a sweet hash aftertaste and a fruity undertone that complements its earthy, silky texture. Garlotti buds, when grown and aged correctly, have a dense covering of trichomes and amber pistils; they are olive green with purple overtones.

Tips for Selecting a Garlotti Strain

Your desired effect will dictate the strain you choose. While there are many medicinal applications for cannabis, certain strains work better than others.

The possible side effects of the strain should also be investigated. Some of the most frequent strains; among their potential side effects, you may notice dry eyes, disorientation, and dry mouth. Additionally, marijuana can interfere with other prescriptions that you are already taking. 

Effects of the Garlotti Strain

Daytime usage is recommended because of its stimulating and stress-relieving properties without numbing the senses. Those who utilize it often report feeling energized and as if new opportunities appear where none existed before. 

Garlotti Strain Review

For individuals who like to unwind before bedtime without experiencing sleepiness or drowsiness, it works just as well in the evening. Be prepared for the potential side effects of dry mouth and dry eyes by keeping some water and eye drops on hand.


Garlotti lives up to its name with a flavor that is reminiscent of pouring an Italian spice cabinet into your mouth. It has traces of herbal wood tones, flashes of peppery spice, mellow flavors like sage and other herbs, a touch of sweet fruit, and, of course, the overpowering strong sting of garlic that makes your nose curl all the way up.

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