18 June 2024
How Long Can Weed last In a Ziploc?

When properly dried and stored, cannabis has a shelf life of up to 14 months. Over that time, it will lose part of its potency due to the natural breakdown of cannabinoids and terpenes. The effect will be a milder high. That’s why storing weed in a Ziploc bag might be a good idea. But how long can weed last in a Ziploc bag? Let’s figure it out!

Cannabis that has been incorrectly stored might dry out or go bad in a matter of days, depending on the circumstances in which it has been kept. The shelf life of cannabis stored in a plastic bag is just a few days to two weeks at most.

Can Weed Go Bad or Does Weed Expire?

Yes, there are three basic ways in which weed deteriorates with age:

Exposure to air causes cannabis buds to dry out. They get stale and start to crumble when touched. Your cannabis might grow mold if it’s kept in a too damp environment. As a result, mold starts to develop. Mold appears as fuzzy, grayish spots. If you find this, you should get rid of your weed

Exposure to high temperatures or other stressors such as sunshine can causes cannabis to oxidize quickly. As a result, your cannabis will have a rotten odor

How Long Can Weed Last In A Ziploc Bag?

It’s possible that weed won’t last long in a sealed plastic bag. This is due to the fact that keeping the cannabis at the correct humidity and temperature for as long as possible may be challenging. The cannabis will decay and dry up faster if you open and close the Ziploc bag often. However, a Ziploc bag is your best bet if you only intend on smoking your pot within a few weeks. Learn more about how to store your weed in a proper way.

Why Is Keeping Weed Fresh Important?

Many things are lost when cannabis loses its freshness. Hard and unattractive, dried cannabis is not desirable. Its unit cost will go down since it weighs less. Moldy cannabis is just as unpleasant as it is potentially harmful to your digestive system. Keeping cannabis in pristine condition is essential if you want to enjoy all of its medicinal and recreational potential. That’s where you might get benefit after learning how long can weed last in a Ziploc bag.

How Long Can Weed last In a Ziploc?

When Does Weed Lose its Effect?

While the terpenes and other flavorful chemicals in your cannabis may lose their potency in only a few days, the THC and CBD will remain effective for a much longer period of time.  Researchers observed that THC in marijuana declines in a very linear pattern, with the greatest decline occurring in the first year:

  • About 16% of the THC in weed has been depleted after a year
  • About 26% of the THC in weed has degraded after two years
  • After three years, cannabis has lost around 34% of its psychoactive properties
  • After four years, cannabis has lost around 41% of its THC

How to Identify Rotten Weed?

So, you’ve had your cannabis sitting in a plastic bag or other sealed container for a while now. You must be curious to know how long can weed last in a Ziploc bag. Here’s how to know if your weed has gone bad:

  • Mold and mildew are signs that your cannabis has gone bad
  • If a cannabis nug doesn’t crack when you try to break it apart, it’s probably moldy and damp and you shouldn’t use it
  • If the cannabis turns to dust at your touch, it’s probably old. Although it may be okay to smoke at this point, the flavor and potency have likely degraded
  • One of the most obvious ways to tell whether a bud of marijuana is new is by its aroma. If the aroma has changed much or is unpleasant, it is likely too old to smoke

Conditions for Keeping Weed in a Ziploc Bag

Optimal humidity, enough light, and a comfortable temperature are the three most important factors in maintaining healthy weed. Even weed that has dried out too much may usually still be smoked. You won’t get much of a high from it since the cannabinoids will have degraded and the bud is dry and crumbly. When the humidity is too high, the weed begins to grow mold and becomes unusable.

Therefore, maintaining an appropriate temperature for cannabis is essential. Humidity levels that are ideal might change. If weed is stored in a dark place for a year or two, its cannabinoid profile shouldn’t change much.


Larger quantities of several types of cannabis were formerly hard to get by. With all the new dispensaries popping up, it’s easier than ever to stock up on more cannabis varieties than you’ll need in the near future. There is, however, one major issue. Marijuana has a short shelf life. So it is important to figure out how long can weed last in a ziploc bag.

Without some kind of preservation technique, your cannabis will wither and lose its potency long before you can utilize it. You can’t keep your weed secure in a box or a plastic bag. When you take into account the extremely specific requirements that cannabis has, you may be surprised at just how long your cannabis can live.

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