27 February 2024
How to Make Your Own Rolling Tray?

How do you like to smoke weed? Many users prefer to roll natural herb over bong and vapes. If you’ve just started smoking weed, you might be interested in learning how to make your own rolling tray at home.

The Rolling tray is an essential tool for herb users who roll their cigarettes rather than using electronic cigarettes or water pipes. A rolling tray is valuable for storing and transporting smoking accessories, including herbs, rolling papers, lighters, tips, and herb grinders. No matter how good you are at moving, there will always be some unrolled bits of a blunt or joint.

Cannabis Flowers might be dropped on the floor or the sofa, but you can easily collect them with a rolling tray. It doesn’t matter what material the trays are made of—plastic, metal, resin, or wood—they serve the same purpose of corralling stray herbs.

The Value of Constructing a Rolling Tray

It all comes down to how much you appreciate being one of a kind when deciding whether or not a rolling tray is worth the investment. The short answer is probably not if you are considering the cost or if making your own rolling tray would be cheaper. The price of the supplies plus your time to assemble the rolling tray will likely exceed the price of a good one purchased online despite the low base price.

However, the vast majority of individuals highly value both the process of creation and the finished item’s individuality. Making a rolling tray can be a lot of fun, and it’s much more enjoyable if you do it with friends.

How to Make Your Own Rolling Tray?

Remember that no one else will have the same rolling tray as you. If you ever go out for a smoke and meet some new people, you’ll have something to talk about with your rolling tray. You never know who could benefit from receiving one of your creations as a present if it is well received.

What Things You Need to Make Rolling Tray?

Before you start learning how to make your own rolling tray, you must understand the things you’ll need to make it. Anything robust and flat may serve as a rolling tray. In an emergency, you may utilize one of these nontraditional home objects as a rolling tray:

  • The underside of a frisbee may be utilized as a makeshift rolling tray due to its raised edges and smooth surface
  • Pie pans, like the frisbee’s bottom, have a smooth surface and a raised border to keep your flower on the tray
  • Books and magazines, which have a smooth, glossy surface ideal for rolling, are the most straightforward alternative to discover. To avoid getting your dried herb stuck, use a book with a paper cover.
  • Any clean, flat metal surface, whether a baking sheet or a serving tray, will do.
  • Rolling trays may be replaced with mirrors, which are both convenient and visually beautiful. A small mirror may serve as a flat, durable surface that is also simple to clean up afterwards

How to Make Your Own Rolling Tray?

Even though they’re vital, rolling trays may be pricey for cannabis consumers. Here is a detailed tutorial on how to make your own rolling tray:

  • Take the Time to Measure and Trim Your Base

Cutting and measuring your foundation is the first step. Make your tray’s dimensions using a ruler and a big cardboard or foam board sheet. Use scissors or an X-acto knife to snip off the bottom.

  • Enhance Your Base

Decorating your foundation is the next stage. Wrap the base with wrapping paper or other decorative paper. Paper should be cut to size, adhesive applied to the base, and the form smoothed over the surface. Wait until the glue is dry.

  • The Tray Needed Some Edges

Step three involves securing your rolling materials in place by edging your tray. Create the necessary height and length by cutting and gluing cardboard or foam board strips to the foundation. Wait until the adhesive is dry.

  • Do Not Use Without Lining Your Tray

To make your tray last longer and be less of a hassle to clean, the fourth step is lining it. Remove the tray’s bottom and replace it with a piece of translucent plastic or contact paper cut to size. Wait until the adhesive is dry.

  • The New Tray Is Yours to Enjoy

The last step to learn how to make your own rolling tray is to use your brand-new tray for rolling. You may now roll up some of your favorite strains on a rolling tray built just for you, and it won’t break the bank.


Accessories like rolling trays are highly customizable because of their central role in the smoking culture. This kind of customization is relatively easy and impressive. You can also print any picture directly into your rolling tray for a unique experience. This guide will offer you a foundational knowledge of rolling trays. The process may seem more complicated when you read the steps for the first time.

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