18 June 2024
How to Not be High Anymore: Tips for Before and After You Smoke Weed?

Ever since cannabis use has been legalized, a lot of people have turned to using it on a grand scale, especially for their benefit. But many people want to know how to not be high anymore. Looking closely, you will realize that more people are using it for recreational purposes than medical purposes. 

It is important to note that the impact of weed will often vary from person to person. Sometimes, the ‘high’ effect may seem overpowering, which is why a lot of people may want to quit or get over that effect.

Irrespective of why you want to eliminate that ‘high’ effect, it is possible, especially when you’re using it in the right dosage. If you’ve opted for a safe dosage quantity and consumption method, you’ll get what you want. Let’s take a look at how you can avoid being ‘high’ whether before or after you’ve smoked up weed

How to Not be High Anymore: Tips for Before and After You Smoke Weed?

How to Not be High Anymore? Tips to Sober Up from Weed

Weed can get you all intoxicated, and you may feel as if there’s no coming back from the ‘high’. Well, it’s not like that. There are specific tips and tricks that you have to follow on an extensive basis, especially when you want to sober up from the weed effect. 

The duration of the ‘high’ effect on your body usually depends on the consumption method, weed strain, and dosage. While the effect may take some time to go away from the body, you can opt for the prevention methods. 

Tips for Before Smoking Weed

Before you start smoking weed, you should know that it is going to create a high effect. But if you don’t want to experience it, here are some tips that may be helpful for you:

1. Stay Hydrated and Eat:

When you smoke weed after eating and drinking, you’re less likely to get high. If you smoke on an empty stomach, the effect will intensify, preventing you from getting sober soon. 

2. Choose the Right Strain:

Different strains usually have different effects, so you need to be very careful with them. If you’re trying to avoid that ‘high’ effect, you should choose a strain that has more CBD than THC. 

3. Be Mindful of Dosage:

Your dosage quantity can influence the high impact. Whether you’re a pro or just starting, you need to do it in the right quantity. This gives your body enough time to react and get better control of your high intensity. 

4. Know When to Stop:

You must be aware of the tolerance level, too. It is always best to start in small quantities before moving to more. If you feel like the high effect is taking over your body, make sure to stop immediately. 

5. Pick Your Environment:

Do you know that the area you smoke in has an influence too? When you’re smoking weed, you should choose a calm and relaxing environment. Rather than a negative environment, you should be smoking in a place that helps you relax. This will allow you to be in a jolly mood and eventually sober up faster.

How to Not be High Anymore: Tips for Before and After You Smoke Weed?

Tips to Sober Up After Smoking Weed

Now that you’ve had a relaxing experience after smoking weed, you need to sober up a little sooner, too. Thus, you may follow the tips given below so that you can sober up faster:

1. Drink Water:

While hydration is important, you must only focus on drinking water. When you’re drinking water, it helps to remove THC from your body and boost the detoxification of the body. 

2. Exercise:

The easiest way to sober up faster after a good smoke session is to indulge in some exercise. Exercising can help to flush out THC from your body even before the high intensifies. You should opt for some yoga or walking as it will keep out the high effect while also helping you enjoy the process. Apart from this, you may also indulge in some deep breathing exercises. 

3. Take a Cold Shower:

Whether it’s a cold shower or a splash of cold water on your face, you should do it after getting high. Not only is it refreshing, but it also allows the high effect to wear off faster. As a result, you can snap back to reality from that haze of highness sooner. 

4. Consume Citrusy Foods:

Citrus foods like lemons and oranges can allow you to sober up faster. Since these fruits contain terpene, they will interact with the cannabinoids in the body. However, more research needs to be done around it for a better impact. 

5. Drink Coffee:

Not specifically coffee, but caffeine intake can have a mild impact in removing the high effect. It will be a better counter to the sedative effects of weed. However, make sure that you’re not taking caffeine in high quantities as it may react with the high, thereby leading to anxiety. 

How to Not be High Anymore: Tips for Before and After You Smoke Weed?

Final Thoughts

The key to not being high anymore lies within yourself. You need to know how to consume, manage your high, and stay consistent with those efforts. While in the initial stages, it may sound difficult, but if you stay dedicated, nothing can be easier than that. Always remember, it may take time, but your body will get used to it, and you will soon start noticing the results!

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