18 June 2024
How to Say Weed in Spanish?

How many of you’ve visited Spain? If you’re a beach lover or travel enthusiast, the possibilities are very high that you would love to visit Spain once in your life. As a travel and weed lover do you know how to say weed in Spanish language? If you’re not aware of this you might not get your favorite weed strains in Spain and it can spoil the fun of your journey. So let’s figure it out in this definitive guide.

Both domestically and internationally, Spanish and Latin American cultures have a significant influence on the cannabis industry. In Spanish, there is a wide variety of words for marijuana, cannabis, and weed. It might be difficult to master the Spanish marijuana lexicon.

Due to the lack of a comprehensive online Spanish cannabis dictionary, here’s a rundown of the most common slang terms for marijuana in Spanish language.

How to Say Weed in Spanish Language?

You would be surprise to know that the marijuana vocabulary is extremely regional with a lot of slang which means it changes in every country, and there are a lot of different words for weed.

The Spanish word for weed is “hierba” alternate to spelling “yerba

  • Marijuana – Mota (USA)
  • Weed – Hierba, Yerba, Yesca (Mexico)

Spanish Slang for Weed (Marijuana)

Did you know that weed too is a slang for marijuana in Spanish language? So how to say weed in Spanish then? According to a Spanish Dictionary, there are more than 80 slang for weed in Spain. I’ve jot down few of them for you as these are quite popular in Spain.

S.No.Weed SlangCountry
4CrippyPuerto Rico
5CachimbaColombia and Puerto Rico
6mafúColombia and Puerto Rico
8cogolloSpain and Chile
9macoñaChile, El Salvador, Uruguay and Peru
10mafafaEl Salvador, Venezuela and Mexico
11maracachafa or maracachifaColombia (regional)
12marimbaMexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia and Chile
13moñaHonduras and El Salvador
15monteGuatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Costa Rica
16motaColombia (regional), Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Chile and El Salvador
18 pastoPuerto Rico
20yescaColombia, Guatemala and El Salvador
21maríaVenezuela, Mexico and Spain
23juanaMexico and El Salvador. Also Doña Juanita
24juanitaMexico and Honduras
25mary janeMexico. Also alternate spellings such as marijane in Venezuela or mariyéin in El Salvador
26maría juana or mariajuanaPeru and Colombia

Spanish Slang for Marijuana Cigarette (Joint)

These are the top Spanish slang for Marijuana Cigarette (Joint) that might help you learn how to say weed in Spanish.

S.No.Weed SlangCountry
1bachaMexico and Uruguay
3bazuco or bazucaVenezuela and Colombia
4bareta, bareto or varetoColombia and Ecuador
6cachoVenezuela and Colombia
7galloPuerto Rico
9mafúPuerto Rico
10motoPuerto Rico
12pitilloNicaragua, Peru, Cuba and Puerto Rico
13pitoGuatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Puerto Rico
14porroArgentina, Venezuela, Mexico, Spain and Colombia
15puroGuatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Costa Rica

How to Pronounce Weed in Spanish?

There’s also a whole lexicon of terms related to cannabis that you should learn. Saca la mota means take the weed out in Spanish and may be used as an invitation to pass around the bong. Learning slang in a foreign language is one way to improve your ability to interact with native speakers on a more informal, natural level. Slang is often used in more relaxed contexts and may help people feel more at ease and accepted. 

How to Say Weed in Spanish?

It’s easier to establish conversations and friends if you use slang, demonstrating that you’ve mastered the local language and culture. Learning the slang of a country may help you connect with the culture there and grasp the subtleties of the language used there.

What Is the Spanish Pronunciation of “Do You Smoke Weed”?

The process of mastering a new tongue may be both rewarding and time-consuming. Mastering correct pronunciation is a crucial part of expanding one’s linguistic horizons. It is not easy to learn how to say weed in Spanish. That’s why you must learn the correct pronunciation of Do you smoke weed in Spanish so you can ask someone whether they are a regular user. Some suggestions on how to say it correctly:

  • To begin, try reciting the word slowly and pronouncing each word
  • The emphasis placed on a syllable in a Spanish word may have a significant influence on its meaning
  • Hear how a native Spanish speaker pronounces the word, then give it a go yourself
  • If you’re having trouble pronouncing anything, don’t be shy about asking for assistance or clarification

Pronunciation is one of the most challenging aspects of learning a new language, but you can confidently speak Spanish with time and effort.

How to Comply with Weed Laws in Spanish?

Marijuana, in contrast to cigarettes, is seeing a relaxing of the law. Before departing, verify the regulations and any changes that may have been made to ensure that you comply with local law. Getting in trouble with the law is never fun at home or abroad. Those who visit a country and blatantly violate its laws and traditions should expect little compassion from local law enforcement. The federal government has made it illegal to carry marijuana; thus, you shouldn’t take any of it back with you.

How Can You Get Marijuana In Mexico?

Dispensaries and health food shops both stock medicinal marijuana. You can get it if your physician has prescribed it to you. However, Mexican traffickers stock recreational quantities of marijuana. In addition, a wide variety of stores and peddlers on the street corner near you stock marijuana anytime you need it. Cannabis grown domestically is inexpensive and widely available. The premium items, however, are rather pricey, and only a select few retailers stock them.

What Should I Know About Weed Culture in Spanish?

Some of them are taken from popular culture, while others are the result of stoners having fun: 

  • Nug, like bud, refers to the blossom of the cannabis plant
  • The Buddha is often used as a metaphor for cannabis, maybe because both the Buddha and stoners are said to be in a meditative state
  • Sticky icky is slang for bud, but it also describes the sticky nature of trichome-rich nugs
  • A green cannabis plant and blossom indicate a high-quality product
  • Before it evolved to denote non-magical people in literature, the name Muggle referred to cannabis and joints


We hope you like our article on how to say weed in Spanish. However if you’ve any suggestion or other slang terms you want us to add, you can suggest them in the comment box.

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