16 July 2024
Is Weed Legal In Maine? The Complete Guide

One state at a time, more and more places are starting to agree that people should be able to use cannabis for leisure purposes. Although Maine was one of the first states to support legalization and even medicinal use of cannabis, the state has fallen behind other states regarding recreational drug usage. Is weed legal in Maine? Let’s figure it out!

Is Weed Legal In Maine?


The Evolution of Cannabis Legalization in Maine

Maine was one of the first states to lessen cannabis’s criminal penalties in the 1970s. Soon after, in 1999, voters in the great state of Massachusetts established a medicinal cannabis program, which was later extended significantly in 2009. With the elimination of the qualifying condition list in 2018, adults in Maine could suddenly get medical marijuana from a licensed physician. Also, read about the legality of weed in Mexico.

Voters in 2016 gave the go-ahead to begin making Maine a legitimate state. A close victory, however, was put in jeopardy by recounts and widespread opposition. Thankfully, the state’s program for adults-only cannabis usage is operational following legislative adjustments. In September 2020, authorities finally approved the first recreational marijuana stores.

Is Weed Legal In Maine?

Yes, marijuana usage for medicinal purposes and recreational use by adults is allowed in Maine. The legal limit for marijuana flower or combined products for an adult is 2.5 ounces. Six mature marijuana plants, twelve immature plants, and unlimited seedlings are permitted per adult. Any amount of cannabis that an adult has grown is legal to possess. Marijuana use is legal for adults only in the privacy of their own homes or on their own land.

Is Weed Legal In Maine?


Can Anybody Purchase and use Weed in Maine?

With proper identification, people over 21 may purchase marijuana for recreational use. Visitors from other states with adequate patient identification, such as a medical card or registration, and whose home states allow the purchase of medicinal marijuana are also permitted to buy marijuana in Maine if they need it.

How Marijuana Gets Sold Legally In Maine?

A buyer in Maine must be at least 21 years old under the state’s cannabis laws. Dispensaries for medical marijuana may only sell to those who qualify. To purchase at a cannabis dispensary, customers must submit a government-issued picture ID that verifies their age. Dispensaries cannot sell to customers who are drunk, regardless of age. 

Patients with valid medicinal marijuana cards may legally purchase cannabis for personal use if they are at least 18 years old. Due to federal prohibition, most dispensaries may only accept cash payments. There is a shortage of banking options for the cannabis industry.

Where in Maine may one consume weed legally?

Marijuana use is prohibited in public and may only occur on private property. There is a $100 punishment for using cannabis or cannabis-infused items in public. Marijuana use is prohibited in plain sight, such as in a parked vehicle. It is against the law to drive a car while high on weed.


Patients who qualify for medicinal marijuana in Maine may choose to have a single caregiver, hospice worker, or nursing home help them through the process. To legally possess or produce marijuana, non-patient caregivers must register with the state and get an ID card. A patient may name a secondary primary caregiver under certain conditions. A caregiver must be above the age of 21 and cannot have any prior drug convictions. They may serve up to five clients.

To get an MMMP registration ID card, caregivers must have their local government sign an authorization form. There is a yearly fee of $240 per patient for caregivers who want to grow marijuana for their patients, with an extra fee of $31 to fund background checks.

Do Maine Laws Permit Online Weed Purchases?

Purchasing marijuana online is illegal in the state of Maine. In 2018, legislators in Maine outlawed internet sales of marijuana despite the state having legalized recreational drug use in 2016. There is no way to get marijuana delivered. 

Know that marijuana delivery services in Maine are on the extreme edge of the law. Online dispensaries allow patients to order cannabis for medical purposes, with the added convenience of home delivery.

Can You Travel in Maine while Using Marijuana?

Marijuana is legal in Maine, but you must keep it locked up and out of the driver’s reach. It is still against the law to transport marijuana over state boundaries, even if you are traveling between two states that have legalized recreational usage. Carrying marijuana on a plane from one state to another is a federal crime. If caught with 50 kilograms of marijuana or 50 plants, you might face up to $250,000 in penalties and five years in jail.

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In Maine, marijuana usage for both medicinal and recreational purposes is recognized as lawful. Additionally, cannabis growth in both enclosed and open spaces is permitted. However, the use of cannabis is prohibited in public places, and it is also illegal to carry cannabis to another state. At long last, CBD and other compounds produced from hemp, such as delta-8, delta-10, and HHC, are permitted for use by adults.

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