27 May 2024
Lemon Cherry Gelato Weed Strain Review (2023 Updated)

Are you a stoner looking for some new and exciting cannabis strain? Then you might like the lemon cherry gelato weed strain. It is a popular strain that makes you high with mild sedation afterward. The main attraction of this weed strain is its unique fruity flavor which helps it stand out among other cannabis strains. In addition, the lemon cherry gelato weed strain has a remarkable lineage and history that makes it worth trying. 

Today we will share a detailed review of the lemon cherry gelato weed strain. So, let us start exploring with Pureweedreviews.

Strain History: Lemon Cherry Gelato 

The history of lemon cherry gelato is quite interesting. It is a famous hybrid candy strain popularized by a leading cannabis brand in the Bay Area named Backpackboyz. Ex-MMA fighter Juan Quesada founded Backpackboyz by partnering with tapper, entrepreneur, and cannabis mogul Bully Whiz around 2016-17. They popularized lemon cherry gelato and other unique weed strains under the flagship of Backpackboyz such as Apple Mintz and Backpackboyz 33. 

Soon the strain became popular across the US and Canada and began to be sold in Cookies dispensaries in 2019. Later in 2021, lemon cherry gelato won second prize in the High Times Medical Cup in Michigan under the medical category. 

Lineage of Lemon Cherry Gelato strain 

Lemon Cherry Gelato Weed Strain Review

As we have already mentioned lemon cherry gelato is a candy hybrid (cannabis) and is a popular crossbred cannabis. It is a crossbred of the strain – Girl Scout Cookies, Sunset Sherbet, and an unidentified breed most probably lemon haze.  

The first breed used for crossbreeding lemon cherry gelato is Girl Scout Cookies. This is a globally renowned weed strain that provides desert-like flavors with its unique and fruity flavors of lemon and cherry. This high-THC weed has won multiple awards for its unique fruity flavors and potency.

On the other hand, the next known breed used for lemon cherry gelato is Sunset Sherbet or Sherbet OG. It is also a high-potency weed with a vivid candy flavor and aroma. The fresh weed buds emit a pungent smell resembling ripe berries, sweet citrus, and skunk-dank notes. 

Lemon Cherry Gelato Weed Strain: Appearance

Lemon Cherry Gelato produces dense flowers that look like small nuggets. The buds look densely packed with calyxes. It has moss-green foliage covered with amber pistils and a vibrant layer of crystal trichomes. Its bursting hairs can remind you of the firefly festival. The buds can also have a purple hue depending on their surroundings. Another interesting factor about Lemon Cherry Gelato is that it has fewer leaves. 

Lemon Cherry Gelato: Flavors and Aroma

The lemon cherry gelato strain is well known to have unique flavors and aromas that set it apart from the rest of the cannabis strains. This candy hybrid has a sweet citrusy aroma that includes the freshness of lemons (as a result of a terpene named limonene present in the flower bud) and the sweetness of cherries and barriers.

On the other hand, the flavors of lemon cherry gelato are also unique as it combines several fruity notes such as lemon, cherries, and ripe berries with a smooth earthy pine aftertaste. 

Lemon Cherry Gelato strain properties

All  Backpackboyz weed strains boast a high level of THC concentrate and there is no exception for lemon cherry gelatos. The average level of THC concentrate in a lemon cherry gelato is up to 25%. However, you must remember that this percentage can vary from one batch to another batch of lemon cherry gelato buds.

The lemon cherry gelato strain also consists of higher levels of terpenes such as humulene, predominantly caryophyllene, and limonene. As a result, a small token of lemon cherry gelato can show the immediate result as it completely relaxes the body and mentally calms it. It can leave you in a lazy and happy stance for hours. 

Lemon Cherry Gelato strain effect

Lemon cherry gelato is an Indica-dominant candy hybrid known to have high levels of THC. The strain is highly potent to create a soothing and relaxing effect all over the body and mind. The strain is well known for its strong high and sedative effects which can help to treat anxiety, stress, hypertension, and other medical conditions. 

Also, lemon cherry gelato gives an optimistic and euphoric feeling to the user that can help to cure issues like depression, stress disorders, and PTSD. The significant levels of THC create a strong high and slow down your body and brain so it is best to before going to bed as it will help you fall asleep quickly and prevent insomnia, sleep disorders, and restlessness during sleep. 

Cultivating Lemon Cherry Gelato strain

Lemon cherry gelato is a heavily cropping and fast-blooming cannabis that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. It is an easy-to-grow and maintain weed strain that you can try to grow at home. You can grow them with seeds. When the flower buds begin to release a sweet citrusy aroma know they are ready to harvest. You can up to 2 ounces of lemon cherry gelato weed buds from an indoor plant and 1.5 ounces from your outdoor lemon cherry gelato plant. 


Lemon cherry gelato is a highly potent weed strain with a significant amount of THC concentrate. This strain is widely popular for its citrusy, fruity notes and intense high. We have shared a detailed review of this indica-dominant candy hybrid and everything you need to know about the strain. 

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