18 June 2024
Lemon Slushie Strain Review & Information

The lemon slushie strain, another term for Lemon Slush, is an immaculate alternative for individuals who desire a gorgeous amalgamation of flavors for a rejuvenating experience. The zesty lemon flavor with a charming, citrusy fragrance makes it perfect for patients dealing with stress or anxiety.  

It makes the perfect companion for a chilled, sugary drink. This delectable and exhilarating strain will stimulate your body and mind. This post will inform you about this strain‘s genetics, aroma, flavor, benefits, and more. 

Lemon Slushie Strain Review & Information | Pure Weed Reviews

Lemon Slushie Strain Lineage & Effects

Lemon OG and Grape Pie strains crossed with Cannarado Seeds to produce the Lemon Slush strain. Hence, the hybrid Lemon Slushie strain is 50% sativa and 50% indica. Foremost, the CBA Farms fabricated the weed, followed by the strain produced by the Cannarado Seeds. The cannabis community appreciates this strain for its potent effects.

The Lemon Slushie strain consists of Indica characteristics, allowing the consumer’s muscles to relax, reduce stress, and alleviate Crohn’s disease and physical pain. Further, medical marijuana users choose this strain to help with their anxiety, migraines, nausea, and depression. 

Some users also report feeling happy and uplifted with use. It delivers a characteristic resin production to the strain, making it perfect for extraction and concentrate production. 

Cannabinoid Content & Terpene Profile

The THC level of Lemon Slush is around 15% to 22%, with little to 1% CBG content. Hence, beginners can enjoy this strain the most. Furthermore, the credit for its growing popularity among the cannabis community can be because of its terpene profile. 

Considering the terpene profile of the Lemon Slushie strain, growers use an anti-odor approach because of how potent these compounds are. The reward of this is a mesmerizing mix of fragrances and flavors that will awaken your senses. 

The dominant terpenes include myrcene, caryophyllene, and pinene. With every exhale, you can feel their effects wash over your palate. First, you will experience the herbal cannabis aroma with myrcene. 

The caryophyllene will give you a peppery experience with spicy tingles every time you exhale. The exhale will feel more piney and pleasant tones with the pinene. Hence, every breath you release will feel revitalizing and refreshing. 

Aroma & Flavor of Lemon Slushie Strain

Starting from the aroma and flavor of the famous Lemon Slushie strain, you can enjoy the dank and sweet aromas with the undertones of tangy and citrusy. 

Regarding the flavors, you will feel a hit of refreshing citrus with every puff because of the grapefruit and lemon in its flavor profile. Many users report a diesel and skunky aftertaste. The lemon further combines with the creamy and fruity flavor. 


Beginners looking forward to curing their anxiety, insomnia, or pain can seek the well-balanced Lemon Slushie. The refreshing and sweet taste with a blend of citrus and skunk makes it an excellent assistant to stressed patients. It will give your body and mind an energizing and invigorating boost you desire.

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