16 July 2024
Love Affair Strain Review

Most storied romances are love at first sight, where two strangers fall madly in love with each other at one chance encounter. Can such a star-crossed fate exist in the world of cannabis? Surprisingly, there is one hybrid strain, which is the love child of a beautiful “marriage-una” between two unlikely parent strains. The resulting offspring from this dalliance is rightfully named Love Affair Strain, and it has taken the cannabis industry by storm. Let us unravel its mystery, starting with its birth. 

Lineage Of Love Affair Strain

Love Affair is the culmination of an accidental crossing between Alien Rock Candy and Gorilla Glue 4. The breeders at Proper Cannabis are credited for this novel invention. However, the delicious clones of the original from KL/Mesa Runner Cut are more prevalent in the market today. This is because cannabis consumers love the cedar and candy flavors that the later breeders infused into the strain. Thus, you will find the sweet berry flavor that is the signature of Alien Rock Candy and the intoxicating aroma of the additives. 

Love Affair Strain Description

The Love Affair strain is slightly heavier on the Sativa side, which occupies 60% of the hybrid’s overall genetics. It is rare to find this strain with a sub-20 THC level as most range between 22-28%, which is definitely on the higher end. The buds have conical edges that end in neon green nugs and a thick growth of orange hairs, giving it an eye-catching appearance. Its beauty is further accentuated by the white crystalline trichomes that make it look like a gemstone enveloped in rich verdure. 

Composition Of Love Affair Strain

All cannabis strains are formed of the following two constituent parts: 

  1. Cannabinoids
  • THCA – 22-26%
  • THC – .54%
  • CBD – NA
  • CBG – NA
  1. Terpenes

Aroma Of Love Affair Strain

Love Affair produces an aromatic smoke that is similar to the vapors coming out from freshly cut pine. The slightly pungent aroma blends with the strong herbal fragrance to induce a deep, tranquil state in the consumer. The aromatic appeal of the Love Affair strain comes from the blending of the three major terpenes. 

Love Affair Strain Review

Benefits Of Love Affair Strain

Upon the first exhalation, you will feel a calmness settling down over your senses. This provides a sense of instant gratification that leads to a feeling of bliss. Your mood is uplifted, and you feel enthused to tackle the tasks of the day. As you breeze through your day, Love Affair continues to peel away your worries and leave you feeling light and carefree.

Such a disposition is most well-suited for pursuing other creative endeavors. Therefore, the Love Affair strain is the favorite among artists and musicians. For regular folks, it is a perfect accompaniment for witty conversation among knowledgeable social circles. You may also use it to manage chronic pains such as migraines. 


Love Affair’s sultry scent is captivating and remains in the memory for a long time. The creamy and piney notes of the strain will make you pine for it. The next time you see this strain on the shelf of your local weed dispensary, ask the budtender for a sample and experience the enchanting effects of Love Affair for yourself. 

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