16 July 2024
Hybrid Lust Strain Review and Information

The THC-dominant Lust strain brings out the sinful side of the user. It is an indica-dominant marijuana hybrid with 60% indica and 40% sativa. Growers produce this hybrid by crossing the appetizing strains called Trophy Wife and Cherry Cookies. Hence, this sweet lady will keep you coming back for more after your first try. 

Overview of Hybrid Lust Strain

The tingly Lust strain delivers aroused and relaxed sensations with a desirable high. Let us learn some more about this magical weed strain.

Hybrid Lust Strain Review and Information

The Delectable Flavor of Lust Strain:

Lust abounds in a delectable, sugary, and fruity taste you can enjoy with every puff. The delightful flowery earthiness and citrusy lemon hint accentuate the flavor. The strain also tastes skunky with a delicious cherry flavor. Other flavors blended into this delectable strain include pine, apple, tar, apricot, butter, and pineapple. 

The Enticing Aroma:

The aroma of the Lust strain is very close to the flavor. The overtone is of citrusy and sour lemon aroma combined with the woody pine, flowery rose, and fresh fruits like pear, apple, or pineapple. Besides the fresh, fruity aroma, the strain also renders a creamy vanilla scent.

The earthy scent of pine and wood is due to the dominant terpene called myrcene. The peppery darkness is thanks to the caryophyllene, while the lemony citrus scent is due to the presence of limonene. 

Other popular terpenes influencing the flavor, aroma, and effects include bisabolol, humulene, and eucalyptol

Gorgeous Appearance:

The Lust strain comprises densely populated conical dusty nugs in green with a hint of golden. Bud has thin hair, reddish-orange. Further, the trichomes are crystal-like, tiny, and golden white.

The Soothing & Arousing Effects of Lust Strain

Besides its flavor, aroma, and appearance, Lust does not disappoint with its soft and mild effects. The marijuana user will feel exceptionally relaxed throughout the body from the very first toke. Lust, like its name, will make you feel a soothing, tingling, and happy sensation. Some users also report racing thoughts, encouraging them to explore creative projects.

Joined by an arousing feeling, the strain will make you feel stimulated. Subsequently, users may feel sleepy with warm and gentle waves captivating them. Thus, you can settle down with the aid of this strain and fall into a deep, restful slumber. 

However, you should be aware of the side effects of this strain, such as dry eyes, fatigue, headache, increased heart rate, etc. Therefore, it is essential to only consume in advisable dosage. 

Uses of Lust Strain

The effects have their valuable uses and are effective in treating a diverse range of ailments. These include anxiety, mood swings, chronic stress, insomnia, depression, chronic fatigue, and hypertension. People also use it for curing conditions like Alzheimer’s, anorexia, inflammation, Parkinson’s, arthritis, and glaucoma. 

Medical Benefits of Lust Strain

The Lust strain, like many cannabis strains, may have potential medical benefits associated with its use. However, it’s important to note that individual experiences can vary, and further research is needed to substantiate these claims. Some potential medical benefits linked to the Lust strain may include:

1. Pain Relief: 

Cannabis strains like Lust are often reported to have analgesic properties, which means they may help alleviate various types of pain, including chronic pain conditions.

2. Relaxation and Stress Reduction: 

Lust strain, if high in certain cannabinoids and terpenes, may offer relaxation and stress-reducing effects. This could be beneficial for individuals dealing with anxiety or stress-related disorders.

3. Improved Sleep: 

Some users have reported that strains like Lust can help improve sleep patterns and provide relief from insomnia or sleep disturbances.

4. Appetite Stimulation:

Cannabis strains are known for their potential to stimulate appetite, which may be beneficial for individuals undergoing medical treatments that cause appetite loss.

5. Anti-Inflammatory Effects: 

Cannabis strains can possess anti-inflammatory properties that might be useful for individuals dealing with inflammatory conditions.

6. Mood Enhancement: 

Certain strains may have mood-enhancing effects and could be used to combat symptoms of mood disorders such as depression.


The growing popularity of hybrid weed strains is leading to people exploring new options and expanding their cannabis horizons. Among the many relatively new solutions, the Lust strain is gaining popularity for its rare, tingly arousing effects with fruity, citrusy, earthy, and flower flavors and aromas. The strain is becoming famous for its relaxing effects and helping people with anxiety or chronic stress to calm down.

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