17 June 2024
Mint Julep Strain Review and Information

The exact mix of sativa-dominant strains that went into making Mint Julep strain (75% sativa/25% indica) remains a mystery. While the exact percentage of THC in mint julep may vary from grower to grower, it is often about 20%. Despite the mystery surrounding its genealogy, Mint Julep strain, so named for its tasty taste, is a favorite among breeders and patients. This bud lives up to its name with a pleasant, juicy, zesty lime flavor that is sharply followed by a minty aftertaste. Similarities abound in the scent, which also has a hint of earthy woodiness. 

Overview of Terpenes and Composition in Mint Julep Strain

Mint Julep is a hybrid strain that combines Mini Chocolate Chips with Kosher Kush. A touch of sugary Mini Chocolate Chip rounds out the blend, while the calming properties of Kosher Kush are well-known. The offspring, which leans more toward Indica, provide a well-rounded and flavorful strain of cannabis.

Mint Julep Strain Review and Information

The terpene profile of Mint Julep strain is unlike any other, with Limonene, Myrcene, and Caryophyllene taking center stage. The profile is completed by spicy undertones from Caryophyllene, an earthy sweetness from Myrcene, and lemony notes from Limonene. The alluring perfume that these terpenes produce is a combination of sweet mint and earthy spices.

What are the Impacts of Mint Julep Strain?

The Mint Julep high is similarly enlightening; it starts with lively effects that are perfect for the day but quickly transitions into a full-blown body melt. The intoxicating rush of exhilaration and sharpened focus will hit you almost instantly like a ton of bricks. Feeling inspired and energized, you’ll be able to give your full attention to any mental challenge you face. 

This will rapidly wear off into a profoundly relaxing physical body high, so you’d best get things done while you can. Mint Julep strain is an excellent option for treating problems including chronic pain, depression, anxiety, stress, migraines, and chronic tiredness due to its high average THC amount of 22–24% and these effects. The buds of this bud are petite, minty green, and shaped like grapes. They have a golden undertone and are covered with tiny, yellow-orange crystal trichomes.

Mint Julep Strain: Report on Smoke

As a result of its ability to induce profound relaxation while simultaneously elevating one’s mood, a Mint Julep is an excellent option for relaxing after a hard day or when one just needs to improve one’s spirits. Those who are coping with stress or worry may also find that the euphoric benefits of this substance are beneficial. This strain causes users to feel tingling, cheerful, and chatty at the same time. There are 20% THC and 1% CBG in a Mint Julep. Limonene is the terpene that predominates in this particular strain. 


Mint Julep strain is popular because of its sugary, minty undertones that are evocative of the traditional Southern drink for which the variety is named. When exhaling, most users may expect a pleasant, spacious smoke with hints of mint and sweet herbs. Its earthy pine base gives way to ribbons of lemon and mint, evoking one of the most well-known cocktails ever. It relaxes the body and mind, making it ideal for mingling with others and tapping into positive, imaginative states.

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