18 June 2024
Smoking Dabs: What Is Dabbing & How To Do It?

Dabbing aka Smoking Dabs is a relatively new phenomenon that has swept the cannabis culture in the past several years. Dabbing is a technique for inhaling cannabis concentrates, sometimes known as “dabs,” which are highly concentrated forms of the drug that produce their effects quickly. This post will discuss dabbing, the many kinds of concentrates, and the best practices for dabbing.

Smoking Dabs: What Are Dabs?

Smoking Dabs: What Is Dabbing & How To Do It?

You must know what dabs are before you take the plunge into dabbing. Dabs, also known as wax, shatter, budder, and oil, are highly concentrated cannabis extracts. Concentrates are far more potent than regular marijuana since they contain as much as 90% THC. Dabs are the favored method of consumption among seasoned cannabis consumers because of their strength.

Types Of Dabs: Exploring The Many Cannabidiol Concentrates

One of the most exciting things about dabbing is the variety of cannabis concentrates you may use. Different types of concentrates have different effects and flavors. Learn about the several forms of dabbing and what sets each one apart from the rest of the cannabis-smoking community.

  • Wax:

Concentrates of wax have the same flaky, pliable consistency as candle wax. They’re famous for having THC concentrations of 80% or more. Wax extracts have the potential to maintain the authentic cannabis strain tastes.

  • Shatter:

Shatter is a transparent concentration that shatters like glass when split into fragments. The THC content of some of these concentrates can be as high as 90%, making them some of the purest forms of cannabis available. Terpene profiles in shatter may be reasonably potent, making for a rich-tasting experience.

  • Budder:

Budder is a buttery, smooth concentration that one can manipulate easily. Its high THC level makes it a favorite among those who prefer to use concentrates. Budder’s consistency helps it to preserve the cannabis strain’s unique tastes, giving it a robust flavor.

  • Oil:

Since cannabis oil concentrates are liquid, you may use them in various applications. Some oils have higher concentrations of THC than others. Depending on the extraction method and the strain utilized, the flavor of cannabis oil can range from mild and earthy to strong and delicious.

  • Live Resin:

Flash-freezing cannabis plants preserve their terpene profiles in a concentration known as “live resin.” THC concentrations typically surpass 80%, making it extremely powerful. Live resin is highly prized for its full-spectrum flavor that is both robust and authentic to the strain from which it was extracted.

  • Crumble:

A crumble is a dry, crumbly concentration that one can easily break into smaller pieces. People commonly use it because of its high THC content and convenience. Like other concentrates, Crumble can keep the original cannabis strain’s flavor and aroma.

How Dabbing Works?

Dabbing is the practice of vaporizing cannabis concentrates with a “dab rig.” Here is a detailed explanation of the procedure:

  • Get Everything You Need:
    • Dab Rig: This bong was made with dabbing in mind. Glass or silicone with a nail or banger attached is the usual construction. Electric dab rigs also available, which offer an innovative and convenient way to enjoy dabbing with precise temperature control and ease of use.
    • Banger or Nail: The dab rig’s hot component is called a nail or banger. Quartz, titanium, or ceramic are common materials for this.
    • Dabbing Device: The concentrate is handled and placed onto the heated surface using a tiny, often metal instrument called a dabber.
    • Torch: A butane flame is required to warm the nail or banger.
    • Concentrated Marijuana: Pick the concentration that best suits your needs, be it wax, shatter, budder, or oil.
  • Get The Dab Rig Ready:

Put enough water into the dab rig’s water chamber to completely submerge the percolator or diffuser. Join the rig with the nail or banger. Ensure that everything is spotless and devoid of any traces of past use.

  • Warm Up Your Banger Or Nail:

Heat the banger or nail with the butane torch or lighter until it’s red hot. “Seasoning” is the term for this procedure, which aids in eliminating any lingering chemicals from production. Wait 30 to 45 seconds for the nail or banger to achieve the ideal temperature. The optimal temperature ranges from around 150 degrees Celsius to about 230 degrees Celsius (300 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit).

  • Adjust Your Concentrate:

Get a dab of the concentrate you like with the dabber tool. When using a heated nail or a banger, carefully drop the concentrate onto the nail. It will evaporate nearly immediately, creating a dense cloud of vapor.

  • Inhale And Enjoy:

After the concentrate evaporates, take slow and deep drags through the dab rig’s mouthpiece. Take a deep breath out, and enjoy the savory, potent vapor.


Smoking dabs is a common and efficient way to get high on cannabis concentrates, used by those who want to feel the drug’s effects quickly and firmly. If you take the necessary precautions,

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