27 May 2024
Weed Measurements: An In-Depth Guide for Beginners 

In the recent few years, the use of cannabis has seen a massive turnaround all over the globe. Weed has covered a long journey. From growing weed to its strains proliferation, the only thing that has remained constant is weed measurements.

As a beginner, it is very common to ask “How hard it can be to learn weed measurements?” However, it is not as hard as it seems. In this detailed guide to weed measurements, we’ll let you know how you can easily learn to measure your weed in a few easy steps.

Many times, you may have heard people calling slang like “How much for an O” or “I want half a zip”. If this slang creates confusion in your mind, let’s delve into the article below by PureWeedReviews.

How do Weed Measurements System Work?

Weed Measurements system depends on 2 major things: cash value, and weed weight. Measuring the weed by weight is very popular among the states where weed is legalized. The metrics system in the weed weight method makes it easy to understand and implement. For your information, a gram is the lowest weight you can ask at any given time at any dispensary.

Weed Measurements: An In-Depth Guide for Beginners 
  • I ounce= 28 grams( technically 28.35)
  • ½ ounce= 14 grams
  • ¼ ounce= 7 grams
  • ? ounce= 3.5 grams

The cash value system for weed measurements is typically used in the areas where weed is illegal, and way too outdated.

What are the Popular Weed Measurements Terms?

1. 1 gram

The smallest amount of weed you can purchase is one gram of weed. It’s quite similar to a paper clip. One gram of weed is enough for one session as you will only get a few nugs in this amount. That’s why a major proportion of budtenders will ask you to pick a few extra grams if you’re asking for a medical purpose. 

One important thing to note here is a gram of weed is similar to a bag of dimes. You might need to spend $10-$20 for weed strains of medium quality. 

2. 2 grams (dub of bud)

Similar to one gram of weed, a dub of weed is equal to 2 bags of dime. However, the price may differ as per state and strain selection. Most probably you can easily get a dub of Bud or two grams of weed for $20. 

For your information, we would like to tell you that, two grams of weed would be sufficient to roll five proper joints. The same dub of weed would be enough for five weed bowls.

3. ? (an eighth of a bud)

An eighth of an ounce is the most popular terminology used in the weed space. It is referred to as a half-quarter or a slice of weed strain. An eighth of an ounce contains 3.5 grams of weed, and can easily last a few days or weeks depending on how you’re gonna use it. 

An eighth of a bud is enough to roll ten proper small joints or seven medium joints. To purchase this quantity, you need to spend $50 depending on the state and selection of strain. 

4. ¼ of an ounce

7 grams of weed makes a quarter. A quarter of an ounce is enough to roll 25 small, and 15 big joints. Depending on the state of consumption, it may last up to several weeks. 

The best way to store this amount is to purchase a glass container in order to keep your nugs fresh and safe. The prices for a quarter of an ounce range between $50 and $70 depending on state and strain selection.

Weed Measurements: An In-Depth Guide for Beginners 

5. ½ ounce (half a zip)

If you’re a strong weed lover, then half an ounce is a perfect amount for you. This weighs 14 grams and lasts up to 2 weeks in case if you consume a gram daily. The only important thing you need to remember is ½ an ounce is considered a bulk purchase but quite cost-effective. 

In this quantity, you can roll 40 joints which is a very big number for any weed consumer. The average price for half a zip or half of an ounce lies around $120 to $150 depending on state and strain choice. 

6. Ounce( a zip)

If you think you’re an OG weed consumer, then an ounce of weed is the perfect selection for you. An ounce of weed, or a zip of weed consists of 28 grams. It is sufficient to roll 80 joints and can last over 4 weeks. 

The only thing that may disturb you is that an ounce of weed is considered as a very high amount and to purchase this amount, you need to check the weed purchasing limits in your state. However, if you’re from California, you can easily purchase this amount at any of your local dispensaries. 

This quantity may cost you around $150 and 300$ based on the type, and quality of your selected strains. Now you may ask why you should purchase a zip of weed. The simple answer is: “Discount”.

Buying an ounce or a zip annually will save you more bucks as compared to buying weed in grams. But an ounce of weed required proper storage in order to remain fresh for longer use. 

7. ¼ pound (QP)

If you’re looking to purchase 4 ounces of weed at a time, you can ask for a quarter-pound from your budtender. Our advice is to avoid this quantity unless you’re not purchasing it for professional reasons. Buying a quarter pound of weed for individual use could get you into legal problems. The best and only point that makes sense to buy a QP of weed is if you’re gonna split it into 4 people, or you’re getting a bulk discount for it. 

Common Slang Terms for Weed Measurements

1. Dubs & dime bags. 

Grams and an ounce are commonly used terms. For a gram, the slang term is a “ G.” For an ounce, you may use “zip” or an “O”.  Zip refers to the amount of weed you can put inside a ziplock bag. An ideal amount that you can easily put inside your ziplock bag is referred to as the slang term “Zip”

2. Smaller purchases. 

For ½ an ounce: “half zip” or “half O.” 

An eighth can sometimes go by the word “E.”

3. Bulk purchases. 

¼ ounce:  “ Quarter O.”

¼ pound “QP.”

4. 40 sacks.

This slang is popular in the state where weed is illegal. It refers to the amount of weed in a ziplock bag worth $40. 

5. Can. 

This is an old-school slang term and became popular in the early 50s. Those were the days when weed sellers were selling the weed in tobacco containers, and only a single can was available for a user at once. 

6. Henry. 

The slang Henry refers to an eighth of weed. This word references King Henry VIII.  People afraid of others sharing their data about purchasing weed use this slang term. 

7. Lid.

 “Lid” also refers to an ounce of weed, and emerged in the years of 60s and 70s. 

Quick Facts About Weed Measurements

  • Smaller bags of weed are costlier.
  • You can save more on bigger purchases of weed.
  • Keep your weed out of moisture as it can damage the crystals.
  • Avoid fluffy nugs as they weigh less.
  • Always pick smaller and dense nugs as they contain more weed.

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