16 July 2024
Zuyaqui Strain Review and Information

The hybrid Zuyaqui strain mixes the powerful Dawg Walker and Horchata strains with moderate Indica dominance (60% Indica/40% sativa). When you need a little sweet relief, Zuyaqui strain is a fantastic addition to your lineup since it is powerful, robust, and delectable. An example of a hybrid strain is Zuyaqui. Some people find that zuyaqui strain helps with anxiety and that it makes them feel drowsy. You can smell the Zuyaqui in tea quite a bit. 

Zuyaqui Strain: Appearance

Zuyaqui strain has a thick covering of trichomes all over the surface, dense, brilliant green nugs, compact foliage, and occasional pistils. The foliage may be pine green or almost black, and the hairs are a vibrant apricot-orange, making for a stunning color combination. Intact resin glands and shorter stalks with dense, hairy patches are where the trichomes cluster.

Zuyaqui Strain Review and Information

Complex, powerful, and ambrosial is the nose on this strain. Layers of sugary candy, acidic chem, and sweet and sour OG give it a sweet aroma on the surface. Woodiness, pine, cream, and citrusy undertones mingle in the core profile, enhancing the entire presentation. 

Zuyaqui Strain: Aroma and Flavor

As you break open each glistening nugget, a medley of spicy tobacco, woodsy pine, and freshly steeped herbal tea wafts out, becoming hotter with each puff. Sweet herbal tea, spicy pipe tobacco, and a touch of woodsy pine make up the taste profile. 

The Zuyaqui strain has a delightfully tangy flavor. Like the aroma, it’s complex and multi-layered, with a prominent kushy undertone. But there’s more to it than just weed and petrol. As you exhale, the horchata side of the cross may give you subtle perceptions of sugary sweetness that balance out the sharpness of the sour side. As it burns down, the cultivar becomes sweeter, and its aftertaste is reminiscent of sugary herbal kush. As a whole, smoking Zuyaqui is a pleasure.

Benefits and Impacts of Zuyaqui Strain

The Zuyaqui high is exhilarating and tingling from beginning to end, making it easy on the mind and body. As a wave of tranquility washes over you, your mind will be at peace and free from negative emotions or racing thoughts. Afterward, you’ll have a calming bodily quiet that will leave you completely relaxed—even a little drowsy. These effects, together with the high average THC content of 20-23% in Zuyaqui strain, make it a popular choice for treating various mental health issues.

How Does Zuyaqui Strain Make You Feel?

Enjoyable euphoria characterizes this strain. It gives you a mild head fog and a sense of weight behind your forehead as if you were floating on air. You can have couch lock and unscheduled naps due to its relatively bodily solid effects. The smoke was so smooth; it was unbelievable. It does not have an excessively sticky consistency, but it gets stickier when broken up by hand, and when it is crushed, it generates a small quantity of kief.


In general, Zuyaqui is fantastic. It satisfies all of my requirements. Its profile is intricate and captivating, and the bloom is stunning and unique. You feel a euphoric rush when you take one, and your muscles relax for the following many hours as one’s thoughts calm down.

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