16 July 2024
Cheetos Strain Review and Information

Most people have the notion that stoners spend their day languishing on a sofa in a dingy room, binging on Cheetos strain. While it is an inviting scenario for most cannabis lovers, most do not have the time or the desire to spend their day this way. Cannabis consumption has become more mainstream these days, and regular people with busy professional lives have introduced the substance to their daily routine.

However, the love for the cheesy flavor of America’s favorite snack is equally prevalent in such individuals. For these novel weed enthusiasts, cannabis growers have produced the Cheetos strain that combines the best of both flavors.

Origins Of Cheetos Strain

Cheetos is a new hybrid strain that has balanced proportions of Indica and Sativa. It was first produced in ABC Farms by crossing the delectable Exodus Cheese with Sour Diesel IBL. The Cheetos bud resembles regular green nugs with dense spade-shaped edges. These edges are covered with white crystalline trichomes and orange furs. 

The strain contains 24% THC, which is perfect for regular smokers who love the buzz alongside the cheesy taste. The Cheetos strain is not available at a lower THC dose. The lowest THC variant of Cheetos that a cannabis lover can find in the market is between 22-23%. 

Cheetos Strain Review and Information

Flavor Of Cheetos Strain 

While most first-time cannabis consumers would feel worried about the high THC content, it is what gives the Cheetos strain its distinct flavor. The strain packs a hard-hitting aroma that is pungent enough to justify its name.

The Cheetos strain will definitely stink up your pad when smoked, but you will be rewarded with a rich, cheesy aftertaste that lingers on your palette for a long time. The cheesy aftertaste slowly spreads as the mossy and earthy feel from the THC dissipates. The dank and pungent chemical overtones are beautifully accented by the decadent, spicy, and cheesy undertones. In this regard, the strain is not unlike its namesake. 

Effects Of Cheetos Strain

The Cheetos strain has an intoxicating effect on the consumer that can put them in a deep sense of relaxation. It is the perfect companion for a lazy day. However, if you need to get things done, smoke a Cheetos sometime before the task is scheduled to start. It will provide you with a burst of energy and boost your productivity. 

It will also provide you with a cheerful disposition and a general tingling feeling in your body. You will feel giddy, as if a wave of happiness has washed over you. It is extremely rare to find such qualities in a cannabis strain, which makes it a favorite among consumers. 


The green nugs of the Cheetos strain have glittering white trichomes that give it the appearance of a jewel. True to its likeness, this strain is truly a precious gem in the world of cannabis. However, just like any real gemstone, the Cheetos strain is rarely available in the market. Thus, if you are lucky enough to spot it on the shelf of your local dispensary, don’t miss out on this special opportunity. 

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