17 June 2024
Super Sherb Strain Review and Information

Have you ever longed for the smell of pine trees in the city? Lucky for you, there is a cannabis strain name super sherb that can transport you to your zen place in the high mountains with just one puff. The aroma of pine and the earthy undertones of the Super Sherb Strain will make you feel like you are in the lap of nature. While most cannabis strains are more suited to nocturnal activities, this particular strain is perfect for busy afternoons. Stay tuned to learn more about the unique properties that make it a day drug. 

Origins Of Super Sherb Strain

Super Sherb, also called Sherb in regular parlance, is an Indica-dominant cannabis hybrid strain. It was first grown by the cultivators at Arizona Nectars Farms by crossing Garlic Cookies or GMO with Sunset Sherbert. The plant takes on the appearance of an artichoke, with olive-green leaves and clusters of ferns gracefully spiraling upward. The nugget is beautifully covered with braids of golden trichomes that resemble the tinsel used to deck the Christmas trees. 

The buds are interspersed with orange pistils that give it a distinct look. You can easily spot the dark green nugs in the dense purple foliage. The Super Sherb strain has a high 22-32% average THC level, which gives it the potential to produce a potent high. 

Super Sherb Strain Review and Information

Flavors Of Super Sherb Strain

Super Sherb strain has a moldy aroma that complements the pine and citrus notes. There is also a mildly minty taste at the end to make you feel refreshed. As it is heavily packed with Limonene, the Super Sherb strain can entangle you with a sweet taste. The sweet notes are not unlike that of a sherbet or an ice cream, but that does not mean that you will miss the beloved pungent appeal of cannabis. 

The dankness sneaks up on you in a powerful blast, leaving you feeling excited for the next burst. The spicy, sour, sweet, earthy, and orangy tones all blend into one rich and complex flavor profile. Add to this the traces of garlic and pine, and you have a winner in your hand. 

Effects Of Super Sherb Strain

The Super Sherb strain produces a smooth smoke that is not harsh to the lungs in the slightest. It is the best for inducing hunger and happiness in individuals plagued with stress. Daily consumers of the Super Sherb have lower levels of depression and high levels of creativity. It can also treat insomnia by stripping your psyche of anxiety, which is a primary culprit for sleeplessness. 

Most Indica-dominant strains, such as the Super Sherb, can treat muscle pain without sending the consumer into a trance-like state. All of these effects combined make Super Sherb a proper day drug. It puts the consumer’s mind at ease and leaves him feeling relaxed to take on the residual challenges of the day. 


Super Sherb puts the consumer in a positive mood and makes them want to socialize more. This is quite a distinctive quality with respect to the other cannabis strains that tend to inspire solitude. It pushes an individual to deliver results at his workplace, and his cheery attitude is just the cherry on top. 

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