18 June 2024
Sunset Cookies Strain Review and Information

Sunset Cookies is a unique hybrid strain with a pleasing aroma that will perk up your nostrils as soon as you open the lid. Are you an herb aficionado looking for a new indulgence? We might have just the thing you were looking for. There is a super rare cannabis strain that even staunch connoisseurs like yourself may not have heard of yet.

However, the real fun begins when you smoke it and allow the terpenes to do their job. Just like the effervescence rising to the top of a sparkling white wine, your pent-up anxieties will float out of your mind. But more on the effects of Sunset Cookies later; first, let us understand its origins and properties.

Origins Of Sunset Cookies

The origins of Sunset Cookies are wrapped in a mist of speculation. The cultivators of this highly sought-after hybrid strain have preferred to remain secretive rather than claim credit for its creation. However, we know that the cultivators crossed Sunset Sherbet with GMO to arrive at an evenly balanced hybrid. Many cultivators have tried to grow this strain with varying degrees of success. If grown properly, the plant has dark green nugs that are round and spade-shaped with tinges of purple all around. There are variants that feature darker purple highlights or are entirely purple. 

The buds are surrounded by orange pistils which is the basis for its naming. Besides the feature influencing its nomenclature, it also sports glandular and crystalline trichomes. This makes it visually pleasing. Many Sunset cookie strains have THC levels in the lower teens while most others have in the mid to high 20s. Thus, it is suitable for both novice and seasoned cannabis consumers. 

Sunset Cookies Strain Review and Information

Flavors Of Sunset Cookies

The aroma emanating from the Sunset Cookies strain smells sweet and fruity. It has a cherry-berry flavor in the mouth combined with a pineapple-like sour taste. This complicated flavor is accented by tones of nutty cookies from where the strain derives its name. If you smoke it in your home, the rooms will smell like freshly baked Christmas cookies with a hint of sweet tang of berries. 

Some have even noticed notes of refreshing spices that probably come from one of the lesser-known terpenes in it. Although we know that the Caryophyllene gives the strain its peppery taste and the nutty notes come from myrcene. 

Effects Of Sunset Cookies

No sooner does one exhale Sunset Cookies than he is transported to a realm of pure bliss. You will feel the racing thoughts come to a sudden halt until they are no longer there. It helps you to kick back in the evening and may even induce hunger. An individual who consumes Sunset Cookies regularly is full of euphoric energy and can be the life of a party. 


Sunset Cookies is the ideal cure for stress and anxiety. The serene ambiance it creates permeates throughout the body, starting with the head down to the limbs. So find a dispensary that sells this strain and plan your off-day around the smoking session. The effects of the sesh will linger throughout the day and leave you feeling relaxed and content.

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