18 June 2024
Does Weed Make You Lazy?

Weed is a psychoactive compound that is green in color with a slight infusion of gray and brown. People are getting crazy about weed, and want to know does weed makes you lazy or not. They are dried flower buds obtained from the cannabis plant. The main ingredients in these plants are THC compounds found in female plants’ resin.

Weed can be consumed in many forms, including cigarettes, vapes, cigars, or drinks. These weed plants have specific components that affect your brain and offer calming effects. In addition, weed intake helps us medically by reducing our blood pressure, helping in treating muscle spasticity, etc.

Does Weed Intake Make You Lazy?

Weed is considered the most famous and popular controlled substance among people of all ages. It is either consumed directly in its original form, or some people mix it into their drinks and alcohol. However, their studies indicate that using weed will make you sluggish and tired with no energy.

In earlier times, weeds were used as medical substances, or people consumed them by rolling them in paper. However, the fear of the use of weed arose around 1930, when Harry Anslinger made a statement regarding its use. He is the head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, currently called the Drug Enforcement Agency. 

Mr. Anslinger stated that the intake of weed in large quantities tends to affect our brains. He also said that there are chances that people may develop a feeling of apathy and laziness after the intake. Even today, in modern times, we have studied many articles indicating that the statement by Mr. Anslinger is true. So, the root of weed making us sluggish and slow was going on many years ago.

Does Weed Make You Lazy? | Pure Weed Reviews

Does Weed Make You Lazy? The Scientific Facts

In this field, scientists have conducted many forms of research by taking small groups for experiments.

  • A Scientific Study Conducted By the Scientists of Imperial College Along with UCL

The scientific study regarding weed and its intake making us lazy tends to receive mixed responses. The research was carried out by a scientist at UCL and was funded by the Medical Research Council. In the research, it was found that dopamine levels situated in the striatum are most affected in people who smoke. The test was carried out among 19 users and non-users of weed.

In the study, it was found that regular users of weed have experienced psychoactive symptoms. They tend to have feelings of sensation along with different levels of thoughts in their minds. So all the research at the institute thought that the level of dopamine would be higher in such users. However they found that the result was the opposite; that is, they tend to have a lower level of dopamine.

A Ph.D. candidate Martine Skumlien was also surprised by the less difference between users and non-users. But things were quite different when the level of apathy was calculated for both users. It was found that the level of apathy was higher in frequent weed users.

  • A Study Conducted By the Scientist Took the Motivational Syndrome Level

Another study tested the level of laziness by considering the factor of the motivational syndrome. This syndrome is a disorder that affects our cognitive levels of emotion and motivation. The study was published by Psychopharmacology, which found that weed affects our motivational state.

It shows that the intake of weed negatively affects people’s minds. It is due to the presence of THC in the weed, which tends to affect the brain cells. It also tends to induce a lack of energy among individuals, thus affecting their mental state.

So according to scientific research, the result was a complete mix that might make you lazy. And in some cases, it will tend to increase the dopamine level, thereby motivating you.

Does Weed Make You Lazy? | Pure Weed Reviews

Can Consuming Weed Make You Feel Unmotivated And Lazy?

The answer to this question is yes; it means we kind of feel lethargic after consuming weed. The reason behind this is simple: it is a common side effect of consuming weed. You tend to experience this feeling of laziness after 10 minutes of consumption, which peaks in one hour.

The process is quite simple: when we consume weed, its components affect our dopamine production. Dopamine, as studied, is a hormone in the body that affects our mood cycle. It acts on the workings of the brain, making us feel motivated and bringing composure to the body. But when weed is consumed in larger quantities, the brain reduces dopamine production.

As a result, our level of motivation decreases, and we tend to develop feelings of laziness and tiredness. Furthermore, according to a study, continuous use of weed can severely affect the level of dopamine. This is especially the case among people with regular weed consumption, thus affecting their work cycle. As a result, it is advised to regulate the use of these components in daily life.

Do I Need to Worry That Consuming Weed Will Make Me Lazy?

The answer to this question is no; we do not need to worry about my weed consumption making me lazy.

  1. Factors over which the consumption of weed depends on the body of a person

Weed is a controlled substance consumed by smoking, vaping, or pot. The consumption of weed depends upon the following factors, which are:

  • Weight of the person
  • Age of the person
  • Body strength and tolerance of the person’s body
  1. Doing experiments with the dosages of weed

If you are still worried about the intake of weed, then do a simple experiment with dosages of weed. In this, we start with a small dose of weed and go to the highest dosage level. From there, you can determine the accurate dose level that suits your body’s requirements. In this case, you can also have a doctor’s consultation to guide you through these components.


Weed, also known as marijuana, cannabis, or pot, is a dried green flower bud or a seed obtained from a sativa plant. This plant tends to have around 100 cannabinoids, with THC as its main component. In this article, we studied how our weed intake tends to make us lethargic and unmotivated.

These are considered some of the basic side effects we will encounter after consumption. Some people may not face these issues, as the effects vary from person to person. It is advised to consume such things according to your body’s tolerance limit and stay safe.

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