18 June 2024
Is Weed Good for Erectile Dysfunction? | Pure Weed Reviews

Over the years, it has been discovered that a wide range of mental health conditions can contribute to erectile dysfunction. Whether it’s poor lifestyle choices, eating habits, or even the use of recreational drugs- each of them can contribute to erectile dysfunction. If you are a weed lover, you might be interested to learn “Is Weed good for erectile dysfunction?” But wait! Let’s talk about Erectile Dysfunction first!

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction refers to a condition where the man fails to achieve a firm enough erection to have sex. A lot of people have claimed that erectile dysfunction can be easily treated with weed. While there are no studies linked to it, whether it is true or not remains a matter of mystery. This article will delve deeper to understand the impact of weed on erectile dysfunction. 

What Are the Main Causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

Before understanding the relationship between weed and Erectile Dysfunction, it is important to understand the major causes. While mental health does have a role in it, there are certain physical health restrictions too. Owing to certain physical conditions, there are chances that the flow of blood to the penis disrupts which leads to ED. 

Is Weed Good for Erectile Dysfunction? | Pure Weed Reviews

Some of the major physical health problems that can be the leading causes of erectile dysfunction include sleep disorders, metabolic disorders, depression, heavy smoking or alcoholism, stress, and prostate disorders. 

If you’re affected by a metabolic disorder like diabetes, it will have a huge negative impact because it leads to high body mass index and high blood pressure. Moreover, high cholesterol can also lead to hardening of the arteries, which prevents the blood flow to the penis. Thus, suffering from erectile dysfunction is often hailed to be one of the major signs of potential damage to cardiovascular health. 

Cannabis and Erectile Dysfunction

When determining the relationship between weed and erectile dysfunction, it is necessary to know which part of the plant will have a bigger impact. Does smoking weed lead to erectile dysfunction? Is it the psychoactive ingredients in weed that cause erectile dysfunction? There’s a wide range of speculations around the use of weed and erectile dysfunction. Let’s find out. 

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Does Smoking Weed Lead to Erectile Dysfunction?

There’s very limited research regarding the relationship between smoking weed stems and erectile dysfunction. While some studies suggest that using cannabis can lead to ED, others suggest that people who use cannabis are less likely to experience ED than the ones who don’t use it. 

It is often estimated that the presence of toxic chemicals in weed is one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction. This is mostly because the toxic chemicals found in weed are also found in cannabis. Apart from that, various studies claim that cannabis users are at a lesser risk of developing diabetes, which is indeed one of the biggest risk factors of ED. However, as of now, more studies need to be done to determine the exact relationship between the two, especially in terms of ED.

Can Weed Cause Infertility?

The current scientific research determining weed and infertility is conflicting. While weed does have some negative impact during lab experiments, its effect does not seem to impact live birth or actual pregnancy. 

Various lab experiments claim that cannabis, especially THC, can change sperm count and quality. Other studies claim that these can change hormone levels too. However, most of these are animal studies with very limited human research. Thus, more human research will be needed to determine the proof of it. 

If you’re experiencing fertility issues, using weed or cannabis can only make it worse. Thus, when you’re planning to get pregnant, it is advisable to stay away from cannabis products. 

Is Weed Good for Erectile Dysfunction? Pros of Weed

Cannabis is quite popular in the market for providing a euphoric feeling. Thus, it often contributes to improving sexual experiences by improving your mood, elevating your sexual desire, and increasing arousal. 

Since high cholesterol levels are dangerous and can cause ED, weed, in some respects, can help to overcome it. Cannabis can help to reduce and prevent tissue buildup and damage that may be caused by high cholesterol. 

Can Cannabis Make Sex Better?

It’s quite uncertain to establish the fact that using weed can make your orgasms long or last longer in bed. However, some studies claim that using cannabis can help in making sex more fun. Moreover, some studies also suggest that people who use cannabis and weed are likely to have sex more often than the ones who don’t use it. 

As weed makes sex enjoyable, it contributes to better sexual wellness and satisfaction. This is quite effective for both men and women. While weed itself may not be good for erectile dysfunction for males, it can be good for female sexual health. How? The use of weed helps to reduce pelvic pain during sex, which can help to make sex less painful and more enjoyable for females. 

Can You Take Weed with Other Medicines?

Cannabis may interact with certain medicines, thereby leading to a dangerous impact. Some of the major medicines that cannabis can interact with include blood thinners, blood pressure and blood sugar medicines, and medicines that can lead to drowsiness. 

If you’re planning to use Viagra with weed to treat your erectile dysfunction, it may be the wrong move. This is mostly because cannabis prevents Viagra from functioning properly by preventing metabolization. As a result, the strength of Viagra increases, thereby increasing the risk of cardiovascular disorders. 

There are also chances for weed to interact with other medicines. If you’re using marijuana and starting any other medicines, it is advisable to consult your doctor. Make sure to not haphazardly start any over-the-counter drugs that may be harmful to the body. 

Final Thoughts

There are very limited studies regarding cannabis and sexual health. The exact impact may often vary depending on different factors. Moreover, there’s a wide range of cannabis available, which may also impact your overall health, especially sexual health. 

Before making any changes to your medical schedule, especially for treating erectile dysfunction, you should talk to your doctor. It is important to discuss both- the pros and cons of weed for sexual health. 

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