16 July 2024
Dragon Berry Strain

Dragon berry strain is an uncommon hybrid strain with a Sativa dominant profile, Dragon Berry was produced by crossing the notorious Cherry Bomb X Turbo Diesel strains. This strain combines a wonderful flavor with strong cerebral effects to create an all-around delightful high that will satisfy even the pickiest sativa enthusiast.

This cannabis strain instils a growing sense of creativity along with elevating emotions of happiness and focus with each inhale. With a high THC content of 19–20%, the Dragon Berry bud is appropriate for experienced users.

Dragon Berry: Flavor, Features, and Terpenes Profile

The buds of dragon berries are rounded and lumpy, with dark olive green nugs that have undertones of purple, amber hairs, and a layer of trichomes that are sandy and milky amber. The two main terpenes found in dragon berries are caryophyllene and humulene. In addition to altering flavor, terpenes provide unique physiological and psychological benefits. 

You will be assaulted with the flavor profile of Dragon Berry when it’s smoked, vaporized, or added to an edible. It consists of Cherry, Diesel, Earthy, and Sweet notes, with a cherry blast on the exhale. 

Pinene and myrcene predominate in the superior terpene profile of the Dragon Berry strain. They contribute to the sweet, diesel-like flavor of marijuana, which also has undertones of citrus, berries, and pine. The linalool and limonene in this cannabis bud may also give it a flavor similar to mixed cherries and lemon.

Therapeutic Effectiveness of Dragon Berry Strain

Cannabis users experience a head and body high from the energizing, joyful, and uplifted properties of dragon berries. This strain is most enjoyable in the afternoon. Users of Dragon Berry have reported using it to treat depression, fatigue, and stress. Every new breath raises emotions of contentment and concentration while also igniting a growing sensation of creative energy. 

You will feel energized and alert after consuming Dragon Berries, able to focus on any activity that comes your way and take on any mental or physical challenge with ease. If you have even the slightest bit of worry or paranoia, stay away from Dragon Berry because this high does have a tendency to develop without a ceiling and can cause uneasiness. This strain is good to smoke during the day because it makes you feel happy and invincible, and it also sharpens your mind and stimulates your creativity.

Cultivation Process of Dragon Berry

Growing the Dragon Berry strain requires a lot of work. In 53–61 days, this plant will blossom, producing dark olive buds with hints of purple and a coating of crystal trichomes. This cannabis bloom grows to a height of 30 to 60 inches indoors and 60 to 80 inches outdoors. Growers of cannabis can harvest the yield, which ranges from one to two ounces, in 58 days. 

It is well-recognized that growing dragon berries is only somewhat tough. Growers wishing to plant indoors could anticipate a moderate output and average height in approximately 8–10 weeks. Dragon berry plants should be harvested outdoors in October. You may anticipate a moderate production and medium height.

Dragon Berry Strain


The Dragon Berry strain’s distinctive fusion of delicious aromas and strong effects make it an enthralling cannabis experience. Because of its well-balanced hybrid nature, which offers both exhilaration and relaxation, it is a favorite among cannabis fans. Dragon Berry is a remarkable and delightful strain due to its unique aroma and energetic effects.

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