18 June 2024
Gelato #3 Strain Review & Information

The Gelato has achieved a legendary reputation among those who are knowledgeable about cannabis. The delectable Gelato X Jelly Breath strains were crossed to produce Divine Gelato, also called Divine Gelato #3, an Indica-dominant hybrid strain with 70% indica and 30% Sativa. 

Divine Gelato, so called because of its famous lineage and ethereal flavor, is an excellent option for indica connoisseurs who value flavor. According to the average, Gelato #3 has a moderate level of THC, which is twenty percent; however, this percentage may differ from one grower to another. Myrcene and humulene are the secondary terpenes in this strain, with caryophyllene being the most abundant. 

Flavor and Aroma of Gelato #3 Strain

Gelato #3 Strain Review & Information

Divine Gelato lives up to its name with a perfectly creamy, sugary, lemon-lime taste that’s accompanied by undertones of fresh berries and strawberry. Similarities include a creamy citrus undertone, traces of delicious strawberries, and a lemon-lime overtone in the scent. This specific strain has a flavor profile that is comparable to that of a sweet treat, with undertones of skunky citrus, sweet berries, and candy at the same time. 

It is notorious for having a taste that is so incredibly wonderful and for having effects that are so very strong. As far as some individuals are concerned, the flavor of Gelato is similar to that of a sweet sherbet flavor. Featuring tastes of orange and blueberries. During the process of breaking the nugs apart and smoking them, the scent is equally as delightful and has a woodsy effect. In spite of the fact that it has an irresistibly delightful flavor, Divine Gelato is most surely adored for the effects that it offers. 

Experience and Appearance of Gelato #3 Strain

The high that comes from Divine Gelato is equally as out of this world, with a joyful undertone that assists in calming the mind and relaxing the body. As a result of being infused with a sensation of cheerful bliss that is concentrated while at the same time being delightfully tranquil, you will experience an improvement in your mood. After that, you’ll feel a calming body high that soaks into your muscles and helps you relax into a state of complete calm before you go into a deep, restful slumber. 

These benefits, together with Divine Gelato’s high average THC content of 25-27%, make it a popular choice for treating a wide range of medical issues, such as chronic pain, nausea, lack of appetite, sleeplessness, anxiety, and stress. In addition to having strong red-orange hairs and a covering of tiny crystal trichomes that are minty white, this bud boasts airy, enormous, hand-shaped emerald green nugs that have a minty undertone. 


This strain is aesthetically pleasing with its prominent orange pistils against dark green foliage, and it deserves a spot in any enthusiast’s rotation due to its modest efficiency. Smoking a pleasant, satisfying e-cigarette makes one feel calm and content without causing them to get couch-trapped. With its mild aroma and balanced effects, Divine Gelato #3 is perfect for anyone seeking an Indica-dominant strain that is suitable for all-day enjoyment.

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