18 June 2024
Aroma and Scent of Purple Diamond Strain

The Purple Diamond strain is a one of the kind of hybrid strain. Some people find that purple diamond helps alleviate anxiety and give them a tingling sensation. Purple Diamond has a fragrance that is somewhat reminiscent of coffee.

The Purple Diamond Strain— What Is It?

Purple Diamond is an Indica-Sativa hybrid that brings the best of both worlds to the cannabis plant. Users looking for a combination of relaxation and calm may find it in its balanced genetic strain. Many people choose Purple Diamond because of its excellent reputation among cannabis enthusiasts. Purple diamond strain provides a powerful experience that may generate a focused and attentive frame of mind thanks to its remarkable THC levels ranging from 22% to 25%. The fact that it has a tasty taste with lime undertones makes it more appealing.

Aroma and Scent of Purple Diamond Strain

An irresistible blend of citrus and berry aromas characterizes the Purple Diamond. As one would expect from a strain of cannabis with a citrus taste, it boosts energy and promotes emotions of joy, pleasure, and elevated spirits. Its pleasant aroma also makes it a good choice for summertime afternoon enjoyment by the pool or beach,

Terpene Profile of Purple Diamond Strain

The terpene that predominates in this strain is nerolidol, and it has a distinctive flavor that is reminiscent of lime with a hint of honey. The use of bisabolol brings out the attractiveness of the flavoring. The presence of this terpene gives it an earthy flavor that is comparable to the flavor of a plant after it has been grown in the ground. In addition, smokers have a faint diesel flavor, which is a result of the presence of caryophyllene terpene in the smoke.

Guidelines for Cultivating the Purple Diamond Strain

When growing purple diamond strain, keep these things in mind for the best results:

  • To improve airflow and light penetration, prune and train the plants
  • The branches will be able to sustain the buds more quickly if you install a trellis or other support structure
  • Monitor the plant’s nutrient uptake and make adjustments to the feeding schedule as needed
  • To keep things running smoothly, check the soil’s or hydroponic solution’s pH levels on a regular basis
  • For the best taste and most potent harvest, time is of the essence while picking buds
Purple Diamond Strain Review & Information

The blooming period of purple diamond strain is around 59 to 64 days, which is somewhat short compared to other varieties. During this time, the plant develops resinous buds and proliferates. The grower may determine the best time to harvest by watching the trichomes develop.


The wisest course of action when experimenting with purple diamond strain is to start with a milder variety and gradually increase your tolerance. If you’re determined to try something like Purple Diamond, however, it’s better to do it slowly and with an experienced friend. 

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