18 June 2024
How to Spot Fake Purple Weed?

There has been a massive uptick in the cannabis market in recent years. It is because of the trend toward its legalization in many countries. It has resulted in an explosion of marijuana varieties, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Purple weed is one of those trends that has caught the eye of both customers and farmers. But do you know how to spot fake purple weed? But do you have any purple cannabis that isn’t real?

It is a pressing issue since some dishonest vendors are coloring their cannabis to trick customers into thinking it is something it is not. In this article, we’ll learn about purple cannabis, where it comes from, and how to spot the real stuff from the imposters.

The Allure Of Purple Weed

How to Spot Fake Purple Weed?

The name “purple weed” comes from the plant’s signature color. For many cannabis consumers, it has become shorthand for premium weed. Anthocyanins are a plant pigment responsible for most of the plant’s distinctive coloration. Purple cannabis strains, less prevalent than their green counterparts, are favored by smokers seeking a more mystical high.

The Origin Of Purple Cannabis

Investigating the ancestry of your purple cannabis strain might help you determine whether it is authentic. Selective breeding is the usual method for developing new purple cannabis strains. They are frequently the offspring of hybrids bred to improve upon one another. One such factor is the presence of the anthocyanin pigments that give the plant its characteristic purple hue.

Purple Haze, Granddaddy Purple, and Purple Kush are popular purple strains. These varieties are well-known for their one-of-a-kind effects, fragrances, and tastes, in addition to their striking appearance. One may easily recognize authentic purple strains because of their lengthy backstory and traceable ancestry.

What is the Fake Purple Weed?

The rise of counterfeit purple marijuana is a worrying trend in the cannabis industry. Since more consumers are interested in purchasing aesthetically attractive and unique strains, dishonest vendors have more reason to profit from the popularity of purple cannabis. It becomes even more essential to understand how to spot fake purple weed among the real weed.

This style involves actively changing the plant’s color to mimic the rich purple tones of the real deal. Some dishonest vendors use food coloring, dyes, and other additives to trick customers into thinking their products are safer. 

The result is a deceptively attractive fake that might fool buyers. Foreign chemicals included in cannabis cause additional health hazards. To make educated purchasing decisions, buyers need an understanding of the phony purple marijuana market. It will help guarantee that their cannabis encounters are natural and risk-free.

How to Spot Fake Purple Weed?

Looking to find out how to spot fake purple weed? There are several indicators that your purple cannabis may be phony:

  • Uniform Color: 

True purple varieties typically display a wide range of purple and green hues. However, the purple hue of synthetic marijuana is typically more consistent and unnatural.

  • Lack Of Terpenes: 

The profile of terpenes in purple strains is distinctive. It is one reason why they have such a unique flavor and scent. Fake purple cannabis usually doesn’t include these identifying terpenes, leading to a less enjoyable high.

  • Inconsistent Genetics:

Actual purple strains have traceable ancestry. Contrarily, the origins of phony purple cannabis will not be fully available. Make sure you’re dealing with reliable sellers by doing some background checking.

  • Residue And Stains: 

Look for synthetic dyes and other additives. Colored material on your fingertips and spots on your rolling papers fall into this category. All of these may be present in fake purple weed.

  • Too Good To Be True: 

An unbelievable bargain usually isn’t real. Be wary of vendors advertising purple cannabis at rates far lower than the going rate. It suggests that they may be attempting to unload counterfeit goods.

Why do legitimacy of Purple Weed Matters?

If you’re high on purple cannabis, why does it matter if it’s genuine or not? The whole scope of one’s cannabis consumption provides the answer. People highly sought out purple marijuana not just for its color but also for its medicinal and flavorful properties. You’re not only being duped when you smoke phony purple cannabis; you’re also losing out on the real benefits of these strains.

Furthermore, it might be dangerous to make phony purple marijuana with artificial colors and chemicals. Cannabis may not offer any benefits if these additions are present. 


There’s no denying purple weed’s attractiveness, which is why it’s become such a hot product on the cannabis market. But we hope now you understand that how to spot fake purple weed. It is essential to exercise caution while acquiring these vivid strains since imitation comes with popularity. Do your homework, only buy from trusted vendors, and keep an eye out for these phony purple cannabis tells to be sure you obtain the real stuff.

The beauty of genuine purple cannabis lies in its appearance and the experience of smoking it. It’s all about appreciating the subtle differences in each strain’s taste, smell, and impact. Therefore, the next time you smoke purple weed, examine it carefully to determine whether or not you have a fake or a genuine cannabis treasure.

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