16 July 2024
Is Indica or Sativa Better for Anxiety?

Sativa and Indica are two popular strains of weed (marijuana), which makes many people wonder which is marijuana strain is better for anxiety. Here, we will discuss sativa vs. indica: which one is better for treating anxiety? We’ll learn Is Indica or Sativa better for anxiety in depth.

Anxiety has become a common issue in modern life, and a significant percentage of adults and young adults are dealing with this issue. Marijuana strains are known to treat this medical condition due to their natural potency to give a soothing/ calming effect and relax the human brain and body.

Can Marijuana Reduce Anxiety?

Before learning the best strains for treating anxiety, let’s first understand whether marijuana reduces or causes it. Many people believe that marijuana has a calming effect on the body that reduces the symptoms of anxiety. Multiple research also show that marijuana has natural compounds that can help reduce the signs of anxiety and calm down the body and mind.

However, many people do complain that marijuana makes them anxious and restless. Also, some weed strain overdosing or side effects include anxiety and restlessness. So, what is the truth? Does cannabis cause or reduce anxiety?

Well, the simple answer to this question is it can do both. It primarily depends on several factors like strain, dosage, tolerance level, anxiety symptoms, etc., whether cannabis will cause anxiety or reduce it. Also, the ratio of CBD and THC in cannabis strains plays a crucial role in this matter.

For example, overdosing on certain strains may make you anxious instead of calm. Also, if you take a strain that primarily boosts energy, it can trigger anxiety as well. So, it is crucial to find the right strain and dosage to prevent mishaps.

Sativa vs Indica: Which Weed Strain Is Better for Anxiety?

It is not uncommon to get puzzled between Sativa and Indica when you are looking for a marijuana strain to cure anxiety, especially if you are new to cannabis. In general, Indica for anxiety is preferred over Sativa to treat anxiety symptoms because Sativa strains are known to make you feel energetic, optimistic, and active.

So, it is harder for a person to relax after taking sativa strains. On the other hand, Indica is known to make you feel more relaxed and calm, so it helps to calm down the body and mind easily. As a result, Indica is mostly preferred to treat anxiety.

However, if you look deep, the answer is not that simple. It often depends on your anxiety symptoms, cannabis tolerance, and how you perceive its effects. Also, both Sativa for anxiety and Indica for anxiety have multiple subcategories or sub-strains with different effects.

For instance, one sativa type can trigger your anxiety, but another can help you relax. Also, a single strain can help to relax in low dosages but increases alertness and anxiety with high doses or vice versa. This same can happen with the Indica strains as well.

Sativa vs Indica: CBD to THC Ratio

All cannabis strain comprises a certain amount of CBD or cannabidiol and THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. However, their ratio can vary from one strain to another. According to a study on cannabis in 2015, it was found that higher concentrations of CBD can help to cure generalized anxiety, social anxiety, panic disorder, and OCD.

Later, another study claims that high concentrations of CBD and THC can help to deal with severe anxiety disorders. Also, many recent studies on cannabis suggested that higher doses of THC can be used for dealing with anxiety symptoms.

However, experts prefer cannabis strain that has a higher ratio of CBD and a stable amount of THC to treat anxiety. And that is why people choose indica over sativa, as the previous one has higher CBD concentrate than THC.

Is Indica or Sativa Better for Anxiety? Terpene Profile

Knowing the CBD and THC ratio is not enough when you look for marijuana strains to reduce anxiety, you must also check the terpene profile of the strain. Like THC and CBD, terpenes also have a significant role in reducing anxiety.

Some terpenes found in cannabis, like beta-caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene, are potent anti-anxiety elements. Also, terpenes interact with CBD and THC positively, so when CBD and THC are used with terpenes, they work better. So, checking the terpene profile is a must before you select a cannabis strain for anxiety.

Popular Indica Strains for Anxiety

Most people, including some experts, prefer to use indica strains for anxiety over sativa to reduce anxiety, and here is a list of popular Indica strains to treat anxiety-

Is Indica or Sativa Better for Anxiety?


Anxiety is a common yet critical medical issue nowadays. And it is important to know is indica or sativa better for anxiety. Severe and long-term cases of anxiety can even lead to other worse medical conditions such as hypertension, depression, nervous breakdown, etc. Although some Sativa strains are qualified to reduce anxiety, still mostly Indica strains are highly preferred for their balanced and beneficial CBD, THC, and terpene profiles.

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