17 June 2024
Killer Cupcake Strain Review and Information

Do you often choose your buds by the nose? Well, while your olfactory senses may guide you to some impeccable strains, you might just be scratching the surface of what the cannabis industry has to offer. To overcome all reasonable doubt about your choice, you can rely on guidance from budtenders who can point out the best strains available. More often than not, they will recommend the Killer Cupcake strain to you, which is nothing short of a miraculous experience. In this article, we will unravel the mysteries of this wonder strain and explore why it has gained such a cult following. 

Genetics Of Killer Cupcake Strain

Killer Cupcake strain is famous among cannabis enthusiasts and is mostly referred to as “Cupcakes” in regular conversations. It is a hybrid strain of marijuana with an equal distribution of Sativa and Indica. Unlike most other strains, the Killer Cupcake has three parents. It was created by crossing Killer Queen with Cindy-99 and then blending the concoction with Ice Cream Cake strains. 

The growers at Farmhouse Genetics who first created this strain wanted to achieve a killer flavor and a high to match. Therefore, they intuitively chose the parent strains that promised exceptional taste and potency. The THC level in the Killer Cupcake strain never dips below 20%. Apart from the distinct smell that we will talk about later in the article, you can identify this strain by the small circular olive-green nugs. This is further covered with fine amber hairs and white crystalline trichomes.

Killer Cupcake Strain Review and Information

Flavor And Smell Of Killer Cupcake Strain

Killer Cupcake, as its name suggests, offers a mouthwatering combination of sugary sweet goodness with the creamy overtones of vanilla. With every heave of the delicious smoke, you will feel like you are biting into a decadent cupcake. The hint of lemony citrus and spicy diesel, as you exhale, will send your senses into overdrive. 

There is also a berry flavor in the mix, almost like grape jelly spread over a vanilla cupcake. The dominant terpene in this strain is Myrcene, which has both experiential and medical benefits. The smell of the Killer Cupcake strain is not as potent as other hybrid strains, but you will certainly notice it when you open the lid of the jar. 

The Experience

Killer Cupcake takes effect mere minutes after the first toke. What starts as a subtle and uplifting cerebral high quickly evolves into an expansive euphoria that settles upon the mind and body. This euphoria again mutates into a deep sense of sedation. The best effects of this strain are felt at night when you are free to relax and unwind. Killer Cupcake is reported to cause dry mouth. Thus, you should pair this smoking experience with a drink to stay hydrated. 


Killer Cupcake is perfect for anyone who wishes to experience a beautiful taste followed by a relaxing buzz. Despite the interest from the cannabis community, its Ascendancy Strains Heat Index score is still low. This means that most people don’t know or use this strain. Therefore, if your budtender recommends the Killer Cupcake strain to you, do give it a try.

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