18 June 2024
Lemon Poppers Strain Review and Information

Do you like the aroma of tangy lemon as well as the smell of kerosene fumes? Then, you have got to try the Lemon Poppers strain, which has combined your two favorite odors into one exotic and captivating smell. For this reason, the strain has received widespread acclamation in the cannabis community. This gassy treat has laid claim to the coveted title of Sativa strain of the year. Although the official confirmation is still pending, cannabis lovers have already embraced this strain as their go-to choice. In this article, we will analyze the salient properties of this Sativa strain that have made the Lemon Poppers strain every cannabis enthusiast’s dream come true. 

Lemon Poppers Strain

Genetics Of Lemon Poppers Strain

Lemon Poppers is a hybrid marijuana strain containing 50% Sativa and 50% Indica. This even balance of the constituent strains was achieved by crossing the Lemon Tree strain with the Gelato 41 strain. Although it is an evenly proportioned hybrid strain, the Lemon Poppers have certain distinctive aspects that reveal themselves in the vibrant flavors and unique aromatic profiles. 

The buds contain dense triangular green nugs with a hint of amber all across. It is covered with delicate reddish-amber threads and red-tinted crystalline trichomes. These buds contain an average of 23% THC, which makes it suitable for both novice and experienced users.

The Flavors And Smell Of The Lemon Poppers Strain

You could experience the intoxicating flavors of the Lemon Poppers strain straight off the shelf. Simply use your fingers to break open the exterior of the buds and take a big whiff of the citrusy dankness that fills the air. This lemony funk is beautifully undercut by the sweet notes of fruity deliciousness. When you pearl it up and smoke it, your sour glands will go into hyperdrive as the zesty lemon coats your taste buds. 

However, halfway into the inhalation, the flavor undergoes a sudden change, and you are met with a creamy, smooth finish. This is when you will notice the fruity nuances of the strain that accompanies the damp, earthy undertones. The lemony freshness lingers on the palate just as the sugary berry taste starts to subside. 

The Smoking Experience

At the first toke, you will feel a vibrant buzz take over your mind and leave with high-spirited energy. The mood upliftment carries you to your chill space where the worries of the day cannot reach you. Slowly, the buzz will start to travel down your spine to your eyes, where it will cause a mild sedation. This will not put you to sleep but rather induce a tranquil state of mind. 

The consumers of Lemon Poppers will be filled with energy to accompany the relaxed demeanors. This sort of disposition is most appropriate for social engagements where people expect you to be calm yet attentive. 


Overall, the Lemon Poppers strain is deserving of every accolade coming its way. With a BPS rating of 12 and several awards, including the 2022 Experience Cup, it is clear why the cannabis community regards it as a top-notch hybrid strain. 

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