18 June 2024
Rocky Road Strain Review and Information

Going on a road trip this summer? Be sure to pack cool shades, light cottonwear, and the Rocky Road strain. This hybrid cannabis strain will bring out the calm and composed side of your personality that was weighed down by the pressures of daily life. Rocky Road strain helps you kick back whether you are on the couch or on a hotel bed in some idyllic paradise. It will bring the pleasant joys of vacation to you, no matter where you are. But more on that later; first, let us understand the genetic composition of this exciting cannabis strain. 

Lineage Of Rocky Road Strain

The Rocky Road strain is a slightly Indica-heavy hybrid with 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. Its lineage includes the delicious Gelato 41 strain and the potent RudeBoi OG strain. The crossbreeding resulted in the creation of this unique strain where the terpene profile is as varied as the flavors available at an ice cream shop.

Rocky Road Strain Review and Information

There are multitudinous conjectures regarding its dubious parentage. Some believe that it is a crossbreed of Mikado and Colorado Green Bud, while others assume it was created by mixing the genetics of Birthday Cake and Root Beer Float. In the case of the latter assumption, there is some basis as the Rocky Road strain is a phenotype of the therapeutic Root Beer Cream Cake #7 wonder-drug strain. 

Description Of Rocky Road Strain

It is very easy to identify the Rocky Road strain without reading the label on the pack. It has a distinct look, flavor, and aroma. Let us go through each of these unique characteristics in more detail. 

  • Appearance Of The Rocky Road Strain

The strain can be distinguished by the dense and sticky buds that are enclosed within a fleshy network of trichomes. These cured nuggets contain oversized grape-like neon green nugs that complement the purple leaves and the orange pistils. To further accentuate the amber fuzz-covered olive green buds, the Rocky Road strain also features golden-amber crystalline trichomes

  • Flavor Of The Rocky Road Strain

Rocky Road strain does justice to its name by combining the flavors of vanilla and chocolate in an efficacious and delectable way. These delightful flavors are accompanied by tinges of spicy nuttiness and sour creaminess. Upon the first toke, you will feel as if you were sipping on a sweet and chocolaty milkshake. As you exhale, the spicy earthiness and the sour tanginess fight for attention in your tastebuds. 

The Smoking Experience of Rocky Road Strain

The Rocky Road strain acts as a time machine on your senses and takes you on a delightful joyride on the memory lane. As you revisit the pleasant memories from your childhood, your mood starts to get better. Slowly, the buzz takes over the entire body, which leaves you relaxed yet feeling a tingly sensation throughout. 


With a hybrid strain that is still yummy, it is natural for the cannabis community to fall head over heels for Rocky Road. To its advantage, the Rocky Road strain also has a high THC concentration, which translates to many-pronged health benefits for consumers. If you wish to know more about its benefits, try the Rocky Road strain during your next smoke sesh. 

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