18 June 2024

Most cannabis enthusiasts tying the knot dream of a weed-themed wedding. Instead of the white marble halls of a luxurious wedding venue, they prefer to hold the nuptials in the outback of a rustic barn or a scenic outdoor setting. The guests can sit wherever they want and smoke their joint while the newly “wedded” couple exchange their vows. If such a hillbilly affair has caught your fancy elevate the nuptial ceremony with the Redneck Wedding strain. Before you rush to procure this extraordinarily delicious hybrid strain, let us study its properties in detail. 

Genetics Of Redneck Wedding Strain

Redneck Wedding strain is a hybrid marijuana strain, leaning heavily towards Indica. Its genetic makeup is formed primarily of Indica, which occupies about 80% of its composition, while the remaining 20% is Sativa. This hybrid strain was created by crossing the legendary GMO with the Trophy Wife strains. One whiff of this strain and your wedding guests will never forget your wedding celebrations.  

The Redneck Wedding strain is more akin to one of its parents rather than a true hybrid. Like its parent GMO Cookies, it is also an Indica-dominant strain with high THC content. GMO Cookies is a heavy-hitting strain, power-packed with around 35% THC. This can easily knock out even the most experienced cannabis users. Trophy Wife, although an evenly balanced strain, is equally potent with a skunky sweet taste. 

Redneck Wedding Strain Review and Information

Flavors Of Redneck Wedding Strain

The bud of the Redneck Wedding strain has achieved a perfect union of the two distinct flavor profiles of its parents. You can notice the intensely sugary and fruity nuances of GMO cookies that are quickly followed by the spicy black coffee vibes of Trophy Wife. The citrusy lemon flavor complements the skunky odor. 

You can compare the flavor to a cup of freshly brewed coffee that has been accented with spicy herbs, citrusy lemon, and peppery methanol. Overall, the depth of the flavor profile in the Redneck Wedding strain makes it a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs. 

Effects Of Redneck Wedding Strain

Let the peppery citrus encircle you and your partner as you take to the floor for your first dance as a couple. Slowly, as you swing from one end of the room to another, the effects of the Redneck Wedding strain will start to intensify. It is a creeping effect that will need many tokes to show its full potential. However, when it does take over your mind and body, you will slide into a state of total relaxation. 

The high begins with a tingly feeling in the body that is delightfully stimulating. It will uplift your mood first and provide you with a boost of happiness. You will be induced into bouts of laughter. Ultimately, the giddy state subsides to make a place for a deep sense of relaxation that is equally arousing and sedating. 


Redneck Wedding strain is best suited for those seeking a well-rounded smoking experience. If you are looking for a way to unwind after a long day or simply uplift your mood, then this strain has you covered. We hope that the next time you spot this super-elusive strain in your local dispensary, you will definitely give it a try. 

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