18 June 2024
Percolator Bong Vs Normal Bong

For a lot of people who are into smoking weed, there is a common point of confusion – percolator bong vs normal bong. Whether you are purchasing your first bong or just looking for an upgrade for your smoking equipment with a percolator bong, you must know the basic types of bongs and their primary differences. They want to understand the difference between them. That’s why in this definitive guide, we’ll figure out all the parameters that makes percolator bong, and normal bong differ from each other.

What Is a Bong?

It is essential, to begin with the basics before we discuss the primary difference between a normal bong and a percolator bong. This will be particularly insightful for those who are new to weed or smoking cannabis

A bong is a type of container that uses water to filter herbs. It can be made up of different materials, such as plastic, glass, ceramic, wood, or fruit pieces. Once you light the bong, you can see the smoke bubbling through the water. And within a few seconds, this smoke will fill the main chamber connected to the mouthpiece for your inhaling.

Once the smoke is gathered inside the bong, you can remove your fingers from the trigger or rush hole. As a result, the pressure inside the bong will change, and you will be able to inhale the smoke collected inside the bong.

What Is a Percolator Bong and How Does It Work?

In simple words, a percolator bong is the advanced version of a normal bongs. It offers a bubbly smoking effect due to multiple filtration of the smoke through water within the bong chambers.

In the percolator bong, bubbling smoke passes bong chambers and water multiple times before you smoke. Also, in each iteration, the smoke cools and filters within the bong, ensuring that all the tar and ash are removed from the smoke. It allows you to enjoy smoother and fume-free smoking for a long.

In addition, when the hot smoke passes through percolator bongs, it leads to a quick spin of the elements inside the bong, resulting in a bubbling smoke that many smokers love.

Percolator Bong Vs Normal Bong: In Depth Comparison

In this detailed comparison guide, we’ll talk about percolator bong vs normal bong to let you know the differences among them. Percolator bongs have more than one benefit when compared with regular or normal bongs for smoking. Most pro stoners or vapers like to use this over the traditional bongs, and here are So, let’s know the differences between the normal bongs and percolator bongs below.

  • Percolator Bong Vs Normal Bong: How’s the Experience?

The first and foremost advantage of using percolator bongs is that they filter the smoke before you inhale. Unlike traditional bongs, the percolators have a filtering system that filters the smoke and removes ash and tar from the smoke. As a result, you get a smoother smoking experience instead of feeling you are consuming fume.

  • Percolator Bong Vs Normal Bong: Bubbling Smoke Effect

The normal bongs never give you the bubbling effect like the percolator bongs. It just creates smoke that you can inhale through the pipe. On the other hand, the most talked about advantage of the percolator is that it gives a bubbler smoke, and you feel higher. The percolators are designed in a unique way. So when the hot smoke passes through the bong chambers and spins the materials inside, it causes bubbling smoke.

  • Percolator Bong Vs Normal Bong: Water Tank

The water tank of normal bongs is not as good as the percolator bongs. But, the percolator bongs have a good water storage or tank that allows you to enjoy smoking for a long without any break. Just fill the water tank and get ready to enjoy your smoking.

Percolator Bong Vs Normal Bong (In-Depth Comparison)
  • Percolator Bong Vs Normal Bong: Wide Variety of Size and Shape

Both types of bongs come in various shapes and sizes, but normal bongs’ varieties are less compared to percolator bongs. Percolator bongs are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. As a result, you will also have more options to choose from according to your preferences and needs.

  • Percolator Bong Vs Normal Bong: Which is More Affordable?

When it comes to cost or affordability, traditional bongs are cheaper than percolator bongs. Percolators are advanced bongs that tend to be a bit more expensive than other types of bongs. So, if price is a matter, you might find the traditional bongs more affordable. However, if you prefer quality over cost, you must choose percolator bongs for a safe, smooth, and hassle-free smoking experience.


For most cannabis smokers, it is a common question –”percolator bong vs normal bong: what is the difference?”. Above, this guide has briefly discussed the key differences between traditional bongs vs. percolator bongs. It has also talked about each type and how they work to help you make a wise choice.

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