18 June 2024
What Happens If You Eat a Weed Roach?

Just like all tea lovers understand the satisfaction of the final sip left in the cup. Similarly, weed lovers commonly talk about their liking for weed roaches. They may find collecting these roaches enjoyable and reopen them to ingest the material for fun. But what happens if you eat a weed roach? What are the things you need to consider before eating a weed roach?

Swallowing a roach is not new among the potheads. Some may even believe Wu-Tanging a weed roach to feel an enhanced level of high. But if you accidentally swallowed the roach, you may wonder if it was a harmless mistake or if you can suffer severe consequences.

What Do You Mean by a Weed Roach?

When you smoke weed, the initial part of the blunt, joint, or rolled product will give you the best smoking experience. The flower is dry with perfect airflow to allow beautiful and fulfilling hits. However, you will find a small paper or cardboard piece when you start nearing the end. This end part is what you call a roach.

Generally, people dispose of the roach after smoking their joint. But some cannabis enthusiasts may save these roaches for later. Some smokers believe that smoking or swallowing roaches can give them a powerful high due to the resin gathered at the end. However, the reality may be a lot different.

What Happens If You Eat a Weed Roach?

The straightforward answer is no, not really. While some pot smokers believe eating roaches can give them extreme levels of high, those are certainly placebo effects and nothing else. It appears unlikely for a weed roach to add to your high after smoking the whole joint.

Can Swallowing Roaches Give You Intense Highs?

If you eat raw weed, you can feel high. However, the roach is insufficient to make you experience the next-level effects. It is more likely a placebo effect that makes smokers assume the roaches are getting them higher.

What Happens If You Eat a Weed Roach?

Should You Save Your Roaches? 

So, the question is if you should save your roaches for later. It is a personal preference if you want to smoke or swallow roaches. Generally, when you finish smoking the blunt or joint until the end, the ember releases heat, while the smoke causes the cannabis plant matter and oils to thicken. As a result, the smoke will be harsher when the joint burns.

What Happens If Your Blunt Roach Comprises Weed? 

So you’re all set to evaluate what happens if you eat a weed roach? Let’s figure it out together. Generally, ingesting marijuana can deliver more intense highs than inhaling or smoking it. A single roach comprises limited cannabis that many pot lovers like to collect. After collecting several blunt roaches, they can open them and ingest their material.

Compared to inhalation, eating weed and its products can create varying effects. Digestion is a slow process, and enterohepatic circulation (EHC) prolongs the action of cannabis with two concentration peaks. Individuals may get dry mouth, munchies, and bloodshot eyes with oral doses.

What Happens If You Eat a Weed Roach

What Will Happen If You Swallow a Roach Containing Tobacco with Weed?

Decarboxylated and resinated marijuana are no different from each other. Hence, swallowing will not harm your body. These present in the form of a roach are very limited in amount and may not have intense effects. However, when mixed with tobacco, a concentrated nicotine source, your body may experience some damage.

If you ingest nicotine more often, you will likely feel sick and vomit. Other adverse effects include high BP, paleness, extreme salivation, headache, sweating, strokes, ataxia, dizziness, tachycardia, etc. That’s why it become even more essential to understand what happens if you eat a weed roach without eating anything.

What Does It Mean to Wu-Tang A Roach?

Wu-Tang is a popular term among weed lovers, derived from the rap group ‘Wu-Tang clan.’ When you Wu-Tang a blunt or joint, you swallow the weed roach and ingest it when almost done. The smoker will fashionably exhale the smoke after consuming the roach.

While cannabis enthusiasts Wu-Tang a weed roach for fun experiments, they can suffer damaging effects like vomiting. It can weaken your stomach and even show symptoms like nausea. If you do this after understanding the harmful effects, keep some cold water ready. The water will help ease the burning of your throat and flush everything into your stomach.

What Happens If You Eat a Weed Roach

Can Ingesting a Burning Roach Harm Your Throat and Stomach? 

Your throat will likely get burnt, whether it is a roach or a hot item. Your mucosa can experience superficial burns that will heal quickly. However, if you complain of severe pain in the throat with problem swallowing, you should instantly consult an ear-nose-and-throat doctor.

Ensure that you are swallowing the roach and not completely inhaling it. This is because you do not want it to reach your lungs but your stomach. If it enters the lungs, you will experience intense coughing and can even choke.


Like every other cannabis user, are you too tempted to swallow a weed roach? Roaches may seem like the last sip of tea or coffee, and many users think they will deliver an ultimate high. But it is very important to understand that what happens if you eat a weed roach.

Due to the lack of knowledge, many users even save these roaches to ingest later. However, these may not produce the results that you so desire and maybe a placebo effect. Additionally, as fun Wu-Tanging your roaches may seem, know that you can suffer adverse effects like nausea and vomiting.

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