16 July 2024
Top 7 Places to Hide Weed in Your Car

The restricted legality of marijuana to only a few countries leads to potheads running the risk of getting caught by the authorities for transporting weed. Even in places where weed is legal or decriminalized, many marijuana users can face imprisonment for carrying more weed than allowed. In this article, we’ll explain top 7 places to hide weed in your car to avoid any kind of legal consequences.

If you have not been in trouble with law enforcement until now, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful. The police will instantly arrest you if they discover weed on you and find your car smelling like weed. Hence, after you smoke in your vehicle, ensure you remove any cannabis odor and safely stash your marijuana in your car.

7 Best Places to Hide Weed in Your Car

Your life can change with drug charges or considerable imprisonment time. Therefore, you must take extra steps to avoid getting caught when traveling in your state with marijuana. You can hide the smell by storing your weed in a Ziplock plastic bag. The following are some of the brilliant spots to hide the stash in your car:

1. Inside the Console Armrest

Most cars feature armrests adjacent to the center console. The armrest often has a storage compartment when you lift it. While it is not visible at first glance, the cops may consider this place when searching your car for cannabis. Therefore, tuck the stash near the bottom in a Ziplock bag.

Many compartments comprise a small tunnel or false floor to store small amounts of weed. While it is not highly effective, it has been a lifesaver for several potheads. This compartment spot can be one of the options in case of an emergency. This list the #1 in our list of best places to hide weed in your car.

Top 7 Places to Hide Weed in Your Car

2. The Gas Tank

If there is one clever spot that works like magic, it is in your vehicle’s exterior. Why? Because most police officers put all their energy into looking for your cannabis stash inside the car. Therefore, the gas tant makes a safe place to hide your weed stash.

Your car’s gas cover is the perfect spot, specifically when your automobile features a lock to secure this area. Ensure you do not let the stash fall into your gas and stay attached to the cap. Or else you will suffer the bill for repairing your car.

3. Look for Secret Compartments

Not everybody knows about this, but several cars around the globe contain components that detach easily. The design makes it easier for mechanics to replace certain parts of access to various car areas.

Therefore, these compartments make a perfect place for you to hide your marijuana stash in a safer place. And the good news is, just like most people, most cops are also unaware of where these secret compartments are. This comes at #3 in our list of top places to hide weed in your car.

If you want to acquire information about these compartments’ location, you can contact the mechanic to see if your car model features these components. You will mostly find these compartments near the car floor or dashboard. You can easily hide a few grams here without getting busted.

4. The Car Floor Mats

The car floor mats undergo immense abuse from all the mud and dirt they carry from your shoes and other adventures. Most owners also do not clean their car rugs regularly. But these mats are more resourceful alongside their primary function. And as a creative mind of a stoner, you can find these as the sneakiest spot to hide your marijuana.

Store your cannabis in a bag that prevents the odor from spilling into your car space, and stick it under your vehicle’s rug. You can let go of the paranoid feeling as most police officers overlook the possibility of finding weed under the carpets.

Top 7 Places to Hide Weed in Your Car

5. With Your Garbage

There is no denying that potheads have a messy lifestyle. Consuming weed stimulates your hunger, resulting in several food wrappers in your car. You can use this to your advantage, as many cops avoid dirtying their hands by scouring through all the mess and trash. Hence, the best place to hide your weed stash is with fast-food wrappers, soda cans, and candy remains.

6. Use Your Spare Tire

In most cases, police officers who stop your vehicle search the trunk area to find the stash. But you can be sly enough to hide your weed in plain sight without getting caught. Most vehicles’ trunks comprise a layer of hard plastic or fabric to store your spare tire.

This place makes a great hiding spot for your cannabis. You may stick your weed inside the tire to make it impossible for the cops to see. The effectiveness of spare tire in hiding weed makes it at #6 in our list of top places to hide weed in your car.

7. Inside The Car’s Tires

No matter how much stash you carry, your car’s tires are the best hiding spot. If you have some space there, you can effectively use it to store your weed and make it easy to hide the smell. However, be sure to do it correctly and avoid getting busted.


Whether carrying weed for a high over the weekend or having mere grams to enjoy your time at a friend’s place, there is a risk of getting pulled over if the police find you or your car suspicious. Ensure you eliminate all weed smells and carefully place the weed in spots that most officers can’t discover.

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