18 June 2024
Pure Michigan Strain: The Strongest Hybrid Strain?

The pure Michigan strain is a hybrid strain created from cross-breeding between Oreoz and Mendo Breath. Containing 29% THC, Pure Michigan is an excellent choice for smokers, preferably experienced cannabis smokers.

Its aroma is flavorful, with a mixture of tree fruit, lime, and ammonia. A hybrid strain that features a range of benefits. So, let’s learn about this type of hybrid strain in detail.

What is Pure Michigan Strain?

A perfect combination of two of the best hybrid strains, the Pure Michigan Strain looks like a small or medium-sized bud with an olive green color. You will come across reddish-orange hair that is covered in purple-white trichomes.

Smell and Aroma of Pure Michigan Strain

Are you curious about the aroma of Pure Michigan Strain? It has a note of lemon, lime, chocolate, and caramel; it also has a hint of spiciness. You will even come across the smell of ammonia, which is pungent.

Pure Michigan Strain Taste

It has a vanilla flavor essence, which you will experience once you exhale. Many people have also stated that it even has a hint of nuttiness.

Effects and Benefits of the Pure Michigan Strain

Now that we have covered how it looks and its characteristics in detail let us understand its benefits and effects:

  • The Pure Michigan Strain makes you feel completely relaxed and joyful.
  • It gives you an aroused feeling.
  • It gives you a tingly sensation or feeling all over the body.
  • Pure Michigan is quite helpful to people suffering from depression and anxiety. Almost 13% of the people have admitted that it has helped them deal with depression, and around 8% of the people have stated that it has relieved them from extreme anxiety.
  • It relieves acute and severe pain. 7% of the people have admitted that the Pure Michigan strain has helped them deal with pain.
  • Pure Michigan also helped people with digestion problems or issues.
  • It helps people suffering from sleep disorders or insomnia.
  • Provides relief to people suffering from headaches.
  • It makes you feel highly giggly and funny.
  • Pure Michigan makes you feel energetic and happy.

Pure Michigan Strain Side Effects

Now that we have covered its benefits, how can we miss informing you about the side effects of the Pure Michigan strain? So here we are with the information.

  • Give you a dry mouth.
  • It makes your eyes extremely dry.
  • It can make you feel lethargic.
  • Can cause paranoia
  • Pure Michigan can cause dizziness.
Pure Michigan Strain: The Strongest Hybrid Strain?

Known as one of the most potent strains, Pure Michigan plants are medium height and very bushy. This strain can hit you fast and is quite challenging. Even the most experienced smokers have admitted that they need to smoke this strain comparatively less than others. So it is always advisable to take this strain in small amounts.

It is best suited to be taken during the evening due to the vast content of THC. It has been stated that most users like to enjoy this strain by watching television, listening to music, or hitting the bed.


Pure Michigan is perhaps one of the most potent strains, and we would always advise you to consult a medical expert before you try this. But taking in small quantities is always recommended. 

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