18 June 2024
An Ultimate Guide to Super Lemon Cherry Strain

The newest strain from Don Merfos Exoticz is the super lemon cherry strain. As of right now, neither the evolutionary history nor the genetic makeup of the super lemon cherry is known. Still, it’s a good variety that’s worth trying since it was grown by A1 Exoticz. The deep eggplant purples of the buds fade to a brighter wine color close to the stem, and scattered throughout are shockingly vibrant greens.

Flavor of Super Lemon Cherry Strain

An Ultimate Guide to Super Lemon Cherry Strain

Its parent strains, Super Lemon Haze and Cherry Pie are responsible for the creation of the distinctive aroma that is characteristic of the Super Lemon Cherry strain. The sweet, fruity overtones and zesty lemon taste make this strain pleasant for the majority of consumers.

Aroma of Super Lemon Cherry Strain

The scent of Super Lemon Cherry marijuana is often described as sweet with a hint of earthiness. The scent is pleasant without being overwhelming, so it’s perfect for those who have a hard time with intense aromas.

Appearance of Super Lemon Cherry Strain

The dense covering of trichomes gives this hybrid strain its primarily grey appearance, with flashes of green, yellow, and purple here and there. It is inside the buds that the pistils are concealed. It has tall, spiky leaves and is sticky and thick.

Benefits of Super Lemon Cherry Strain

Medical professionals have found success with the Super Lemon Cherry strain in treating various problems.

  • Alleviate Pain 

The Super Lemon Cherry variety is excellent for relieving muscular tension and chronic pain.

  • Reduce stress

One of the many stress-relieving benefits of this strain is the mild body high it produces.

  • Improve Sleep

This strain is ideal for those who have trouble sleeping because of its soothing and relaxing effects.

Assessing the Level of Difficulty and the Ideal Conditions for Growing 

Both inside and out, the Super Lemon Cherry is just as hardy as its Lemon Cherry Gelato cousin, although it does best in a damp environment. Expect a yield of roughly 550-650g/plant when grown outdoors and 450-550g/m² when grown inside. A moderate level of difficulty describes the growing conditions under which the Super Lemon Cherry strain thrives. 

Methods for Growing the Super Lemon Cherry Strain

The following are points to remember for growing Super Lemon Cherry Strain

  • Tips for pruning

If you want more fruit from your Super Lemon Cherry plant, prune its lower branches.

  • Controlling the temperature

Daytime temperatures of 70–80°F and night-time lows of 60–70°F are optimal for this strain. To get the biggest and densest buds possible, it’s best to keep the temperature constant.

  • Advice on harvesting

The trichomes of this strain are ready for harvest when they turn from transparent to milky white. This often occurs between eight and nine weeks after blooming.


In addition to its many medicinal uses, the Super Lemon Cherry strain of cannabis has a great scent and taste. Pruning lower branches, keeping the plant at the ideal temperature, and extracting the trichomes when they become milky white are all good recommendations for producing the Super Lemon Cherry strain. Both medicinal patients looking for pain or stress treatment and recreational users looking to unwind may find this strain an excellent option.

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