18 April 2024
Guide to Weed in Liverpool: Legality, Cost, and Quality

Liverpool is a metropolitan area of Merseyside County, Northeast England. The place is famous for its football clubs-Everton F.C and Liverpool F.C, beautiful architecture, free-spirited culture, and not to mention the iconic music band ‘The Beatles.’ And if you are currently traveling to Liverpool or staying there, you might be curious where you can get your preferred weed in the city or how you can use it legally. Well, worry no more! This guide will discuss everything about weed in Liverpool. So, let us begin.

Weed Tolerance Estimation 

Police in Liverpool do not bother much about weed usage, and you can enjoy it at your premises; however, they do not allow using weed publically. So, if you want to stay safe and avoid unwanted attention, you must not smoke weed or use weed-infused products publically. Also, read about where to get weed in London.

Weed Legality and Law Enforcement in Liverpool

The weed law in Liverpool is the same as the entire UK. However, law enforcement in Liverpool is milder than in the capital city, London, and some other places. Here are some key points about the legal status of weed and law enforcement you should keep in mind for safe and trouble-free weed usage –

  • Like the other parts of the UK, weed in Liverpool is also classified as a Class B drug. So, you can use weed or marijuana for medical purposes, but using it for recreational purposes is strictly prohibited.
  • Also, according to UK law, you cannot possess, use, or sell weed or cannabis without a proper license. Breaking this law is a punishable offense, and you can end up getting yourself behind bars.
  • Selling or growing marijuana without a license is illegal, but government-authorized dispensaries can sell specific medicinal weed strains. And you can purchase your preferred weed from such dispensaries.
  • Although the use of marijuana for recreational purposes is banned in the UK, including Liverpool, a small amount of weed possession and use is allowed in Liverpool.
  • Also, despite the ban on weed for recreational purposes, many people use marijuana for recreational activities. But remember, if you get caught, you can face legal problems from monetary penalty to prison, depending on the level of consumption and where you were found.
  • You can also buy small amounts of weed from legally authorized online stores and marijuana shops and possess/use them without legal hassles.

Type of Weed Available in Liverpool

In Liverpool, you can find a wide variety of cannabis strains, including sativa, indica, hybrid, and more. So, it is quite easy to get your preferred weed strain in the city. But remember to only purchase your marijuana or weed strain from a reliable and authorized place for quality and safety. Below is a list of weed strains common in Liverpool-

  • Black Indica
  • Banana OG
  • Astro Chimp
  • Animal Cookies
  • California Black Rose
  • Chemdawg

Quality of Weed in Liverpool

You can find various dealers who sell medicinal and recreational weed strains. But when it comes to quality, only some dealers are reliable. Many weed dealers in Liverpool sell low-quality weed at suspiciously cheap or high prices. So, if you want quality weed at reasonable prices, you must only purchase it from reliable dispensaries or online weed stores. Try to read their customer reviews, product information, and license before you buy your favorite weed strains from them.

Cost of Weed in Liverpool

The price of weed strains is relatively high in Liverpool in comparison to the other parts of the UK. It is because of the higher demand and fewer suppliers of weed in Liverpool. If you want to purchase quality products at reasonable prices, you must perform thorough research before buying your preferred weed strain from any dispensary or weed store.

The best way to determine you are investing in the right product is to check all the essential information about the product and compare the price of the weed in different stores. Choose a dealer who can offer High-quality weed at reasonable prices.

Where to Buy Weed in Liverpool?

As the medical use of weed is allowed in Liverpool, you can buy weed in this metropolitan quite easily. There are both legal and illegal supplies of weed in Liverpool, which makes it easier to buy weed in Liverpool. However, if you want quality weed without any legal complications, you should only opt for legally authorized dealers. Here are a few ways you can legally purchase weed in Liverpool-

Authorized dispensaries – You can buy a wide range of weed strains from here at reasonable prices.

Online weed stores – Authorized online weed stores are also popular options for buying weed in Liverpool.

Weed shops – You can also purchase weed (medicinal) from licensed local weed shops.


The use of weed for recreational purposes is illegal in Liverpool. Also, you cannot sell or grow marijuana without a proper license. However, the law enforcement in Liverpool is milder than in other cities, and you can enjoy your weed in private places. Also, above, we have discussed everything you need to know about weed in Liverpool.

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