27 May 2024
A Beginner Guide on Weed in Rotterdam: Legality, Cost, And More

Weed In Rotterdam, Your Guide

Rotterdam is a great place to explore when you are in the Netherlands. It is located next to the famous city and capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. You can explore the architecture, lifestyle, and culture and, of course, enjoy some quality weed in the local coffee shops. There are also other sources to get good weeds in Rotterdam. So, if you are currently in Rotterdam, keep reading. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about weed in Rotterdam. So, let’s begin!

Weed tolerance assessment [1= totally illegal and punishable offense, 10= completely legal] -7 

The legal status of weed in Rotterdam is not clear. Although cannabis is illegal in the city, using cannabis or weed for personal use (in small quantities) is allowed here. Even some permitted coffee shops can sell weed and weed-infused products to their customers. Also, read about the legality of weed in Rhodes.

Legality and Law Enforcement on Weed in Rotterdam 


Whether you are living in Rotterdam or just traveling around the city, knowing the local legal status and law enforcement on weed is essential. It helps you access and use cannabis according to the local law and avoid legal hazards. Here are some key pointers to remember about weed legality and law enforcement in Rotterdam:

  • The legal status of weed in Rotterdam is not only confusing but also interesting. Cannabis is illegal in the entire Netherlands, including Rotterdam. However, a small amount of weed usage, possession, or growing for personal use is allowed in Rotterdam. Tourists are not allowed to grow weed. 
  • The permitted coffee shops can sell weed to the customers. But interestingly, not all popular coffee shops with permits to sell cannabis are technically legal. 
  • You can easily consume, grow, or keep weed in small amounts for personal use without breaking the law. But the use or distribution of weed publicly is illegal here, so you must not smoke a weed joint on the streets or other public premises. 
  • The maximum amount for legal cannabis purchase or possession is 5 gm. If you are caught with less than 5 gm of weed, the local police may leave you with a warning, but if you carry or consume more, it may lead to serious legal consequences. 
  • According to local law, only Dutch people can buy cannabis from coffee shops. But in reality, many popular coffee shops in Rotterdam sell weed to the tourists also.

Types of Weed Available in Rotterdam

A Beginner Guide on Weed in Rotterdam: Legality, Cost, And More


Rotterdam has endless options to provide when it comes to weed strains. Here, you can get weed strains from various price ranges. Here is a list of less to highly expensive weed strains available in Rotterdam –

  • Afghan
  • Jamaican
  • African 
  • Thai
  • Santa Maria 
  • Edelwise
  • Nlx
  • Pp
  • White widow 
  • Bubble gum
  • Lemon haze
  • C5 haze
  • Cheese haze
  • Silver haze
  • Amnesia 

Quality of Weed in Rotterdam

When it comes to the quality of weed in Rotterdam, it is advisable to only purchase from permitted coffee shops. It will ensure you get premium quality weed every time. Also, remember street dealers may not always provide good weed. If you want, you can also buy weed online. In local coffee shops, you are allowed to purchase pre-rolled and self-rolled weed joints. So, you can choose according to your preference and enjoy the fantastic weed without the shop. 

Cost of Weed in Rotterdam

The cost of weed in Rotterdam depends on the weed strain; common or average weed strains will be around €3-5 per gram, while medium-range weed strains will be €8 per gram, and expensive ones can range from €10 to €12 per gram in the local coffee shops. However, if you opt for street weed dealers, you can get them at cheaper prices. Learn more about weed measurements to get a clear idea of how much weed you need to buy.

Where to Get Weed in Rotterdam?

The permitted coffee shops are the most accessible and legal place to get weed in Rotterdam. They sell a wide variety of weed strains at reasonable prices. All you need is a WeedPass to buy weed or weed-infused products from these cafes. However, they are not the only source where you can get weed in Rotterdam. Several street vendors also sell weed (and even hash) without WeedPass. You can ask some open-minded locals about where to find these dealers or look around the perks or outside the pubs and bars at night. 


Rotterdam is a beautiful place to explore and enjoy some excellent weed strains within the classic environment of the local coffee shops. If you love cannabis, you must not miss your visit to local coffee shops that have permission to sell cannabis. Rotterdam is an interesting place where public use and distribution of cannabis is illegal, but people are allowed to grow, sell, and possess small amounts of cannabis for personal use. 

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