27 May 2024
A Complete Guide on Weed in Ibiza

Being popular as one of the best party destinations in the world, Ibiza welcomes people worldwide with a vibrant nightlife, stunning beaches, and an incredible music scene. However, many tourists and visitors often wonder about the availability of Cannabis or weeds when they are on this island of Spain. In this article, we’ll cover a comprehensive guide on weed in Ibiza.

Weed in Ibiza

If you are in Ibiza and asking yourself: “Where to find weeds here and how to buy weed in Ibiza? This comprehensive guide is just for you. It will also share the legal matters related to the weed in Ibiza and let you know where to buy them, along with the prices and quality.

Cannabis Laws in Ibiza, Spain

The figures per capital demonstrate that Spanish people love consuming marijuana. Cannabis usage, acceptance, and growth are huge there. It is true that having weeds is not a big matter anywhere in Spain because of the intriguing constitutional laws.

This implies that you are free to use marijuana, and there are legal permissions to cultivate it at home. But if the plants are on your balcony, that is against the law. But surprisingly, Ibiza is a little stricter than other places in Spain.

A Complete Guide on Weed in Ibiza


Due to this, you can have high weed in specific places but not publically. If you are found publicly smoking marijuana in Ibiza and if cops find you, you might have to pay a fine. Because of this loophole, many cannabis clubs in Ibiza have emerged where cannabis members can legally purchase and enjoy weed. Also, read about the legality of weed in Rhodes.

However, most visitors are not allowed to visit those clubs for good weeds because they are only open to the club members, and you can go there by invitation. So, if you have connections, you can go there. So, if you are traveling there, it is advisable to keep the safety precautions in mind and avoid getting into trouble because of marijuana use.

How and Where to Buy Weed in Ibiza, Spain? 

Everything in Ibiza is spectacular. Just like tourism, Cannabis is also extremely popular over there. Hence, you can easily buy weed in Ibiza when you walk around the beach or check out the popular places in the town.

Most visitors who take weeds can easily find many sellers offering weeds at different price ranges. However, the hash is more easily accessible throughout Ibiza and offers a higher grade. However, the costs are slightly higher compared to other places in Spain. You must pay over 15 euros per gram for a good quality weed.

If you want to have marijuana in Ibiza, you don’t need to search for long hours. You can easily visit the spots where tourists are roaming and get in contact with dealers selling weed or hash. Many visitors even find them annoying as they approach everyone hanging around these places.

The Cannabis you get here is of good quality, but you can do some price negotiation. But remember that buying or smoking weed in Ibiza is illegal outside of private spaces or cannabis clubs.

Cannabis Prices and Quality 

Depending on the quality of the weed and the vendor you are choosing for the purchase, the price rate of the Cannabis varies. If you make a mistake by purchasing from random sellers, you might get your hands on some excellent quality weed or horrible and un-smokable ones. So, it is good to purchase from genuine and authorized sellers.

However, join a popular cannabis club through some connections. You can easily get your hands on some of the finest selections of different qualities and varieties of weed that you will find worth money. What’s more? They will be ideal to give you the pleasure.

A Complete Guide on Weed in Ibiza


The weeds’ prices are quite high in Ibiza compared to other places in Spain. You can get a mid-quality weed for 10 euros for a gram in Ibiza. As a tourist, there are higher chances that you will be ripped off by some random sellers on the streets who will offer you poor-quality weeds at a high price. So, always make the decision wisely.

Medical Marijuana and Dispensaries in Ibiza

Ibiza is one of the leading places in Spain where you can easily find many dispensaries selling medical marijuana legally. There are about 12 dispensaries where you can easily purchase medical marijuana for different health reasons. Of course, you must provide a valid ID proof, and you can purchase it.

A Complete Guide on Weed in Ibiza



If you are heading to Ibiza, Spain, and want to spend quality time there while continuing to be high with weed, you should not miss reading the guide thoroughly. Weed in Ibiza is easily available, and you don’t need to navigate here and there for it. The best part is you can have weed there legally.

So, if you’re looking forward to experiencing the unforgettable weed scenes in Ibiza, just follow the advice mentioned in this guide, and you can surely have an epic time.

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