27 May 2024
Weed in Rhodes: A Beginner Guide 2023

Rhodes, a captivating island in Greece, is renowned for its fascinating past, picturesque beaches, and lively atmosphere. It attracts countless tourists who are eager to explore its wonders. But when visiting Rhodes, it’s crucial to respect the local laws and regulations surrounding cannabis use. In this guide by PureWeedReviews, we will offer valuable insights into cannabis or weed in Rhodes: its legal status, cultural significance, and practical safety tips that will ensure you have an enjoyable and respectful experience.

Cannabis Laws in Rhodes: Is Weed in Rhodes Legal?

It’s important to note that cannabis and weed are illegal in Greece, including Rhodes. The Greek Drug Law of 1987 defined all forms of drug use as a punishable offense, even for individuals found in possession of cannabis strictly for personal use. Since then, several amendments have been made to this law, providing some leniency but still maintaining stricter regulations compared to other European countries.

In 2013, an amendment established a differentiation between drug users and drug addicts, allowing the latter to avoid imprisonment if they participate in treatment programs. However, this distinction can also work against cannabis users since they are less likely to be categorized as addicts when compared to users of heroin or cocaine.

Since 2017, the Greek government has legalized the use of cannabis for medical purposes. In 2018, they also lifted the ban on cultivating and manufacturing it. As a result, pharmaceutical companies and suppliers in the industrial hemp industry can now operate legally in Greece. However, it’s important to note that these changes only impact medical cannabis patients with a valid doctor’s prescription. These patients can only obtain their cannabis products from licensed pharmacies.

Cannabis Culture in Rhodes

Cannabis is easily accessible and widely used in Rhodes despite strict laws. A survey conducted in 2011 revealed that around 10% of students aged 15-19 had recently used cannabis, with an overall prevalence of 13.4%. While major urban centers such as Athens and Thessaloniki had the highest rates, cannabis use was also significant in Rhodes and other islands.

The cannabis culture in Rhodes is influenced by its proximity to countries like Turkey, where hashish (a resin extracted from the cannabis plant with higher concentrations of THC than marijuana) is more commonly used. Typically, hashish is smoked with tobacco or consumed orally through food or drinks using joints or pipes.

Weed in Rhodes: A Beginner Guide 2023

In Rhodes, hashish is a more prevalent choice compared to marijuana. This is primarily due to its affordability, ease of smuggling and concealment, and higher potency. However, during the summer season, when tourists visit the island, marijuana can also be found. It is typically imported from Albania or grown by local small-scale growers.

The quality and price of weed in Rhodes can vary depending on factors such as the source, season, and supplier. Typically, a gram of hashish can cost between 5 and 15 euros, while a gram of marijuana may range from 10 to 20 euros. Notably, prices for tourists or those lacking reliable connections might be inflated. Furthermore, the quality of cannabis can also vary significantly, ranging from lower-quality schwag to higher-grade sinsemilla.

Cannabis Tourism in Rhodes

Unlike popular cannabis tourism destinations like Amsterdam or Barcelona, Rhodes has no legal or safe venues for consuming cannabis. There are no coffee shops or social clubs where you can legally buy and consume weed in Rhodes openly. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any opportunities to enjoy weed in Rhodes.

Weed in Rhodes: A Beginner Guide 2023

If you’re interested in finding cannabis in Rhodes, your best bet is to rely on word-of-mouth or local contacts. Try asking at bars, clubs, hostels, or popular beach spots where young people often gather. Taxi drivers and hotel employees might also have some information or connections. However, it’s essential to exercise caution and be discreet when approaching unfamiliar individuals or purchasing from unknown sources.

It is essential to be aware of the risks and consequences if you travel to Rhodes with cannabis. If you are caught with cannabis in your luggage or on your person, you can be searched, detained, and face criminal charges and penalties at the airport or border. These repercussions can ruin your trip and harm your reputation. It is crucial to thoroughly check the laws and regulations of both your origin and destination countries before considering traveling with cannabis.


Rhodes is a stunning island that boasts an array of tourist attractions and activities. There’s something for everyone, from historical sites to natural beauty and vibrant nightlife. However, it’s important to note that Rhodes has strict laws regarding cannabis use, making it a less than favorable destination for individuals who partake in this activity.

If you choose to consume cannabis in Rhodes, exercising caution and moderation is crucial while respecting the local culture and laws. It’s essential not to let cannabis usage overshadow your overall experience or compromise your safety.

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