18 June 2024
Sticky Buns Strain Review & Information

Sticky Buns strain is a popular hybrid weed strain with a rich THC profile and sticky flavors. And if you have not tried sticky buns yet, this write-up may give you a reason to try this super sticky weed strain. Sticky buns are quite popular among pro-weed smokers who love to try something new every now and then. 

Today, we will discuss everything you need to know about this strain, including its history, genetics, appearance, flavors, aroma, and more. 

What is Sticky Buns Strain? 

Sticky Buns Strain Review & Information

Before we discuss the characteristics of Sticky Buns strain , let’s begin with the basics and learn about what it is. Sticky Buns strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain with a sticky and sweet accent that makes it unique. This weed strain is a cross of two popular strains, one of which is Indica-dominant and the other is Sativa. The strain has a high THC profile and provides an intense high. Also, the bugs are super sticky and enriched with sweet aroma. 

History and Genetics of Sticky Buns Strain

The sticky buns strain is known for its highly sticky texture and sweet aroma. This strain was first developed in October, 2015 at the Fresh Coffee Shop in Oregon. It was crafted as a cross of Blue Dream and Durban Poison.

Some also claim it is a cross of Gellati and Kush Mint originating from the West Coast, US. As a result, the strain becomes extremely uplifting and creative with a sweet and candied taste. Also, combining two strong strains resulted in to a strong high and heavy effect. 

Appearance of Sticky Buns Strain

When it comes to the appearance of sticky buns, they are easily recognizable with their unique features and characteristics. High-quality sticky buns strain nugs are light green with a touch of brown at the outer edges. The buds and entire nug are filled with clear trichrome. The rich trichrome clusters directly indicate that a higher percentage of THC concentrate is present in the bud (almost 20%) on average. 

Taste of Sticky Buns Strain

The taste or flavors of Sticky Buns are also unique, keeping it apart from the rest of the strains. Usually, sticky buns have a sweet, fruity, flowery taste with a creamy and smooth texture. Also, many weed smokers claim that the strain has earthy and pungent undertones with tantalizing sweet taste/flavors. 

Aroma of Sticky Buns Strain

Like the taste, the aroma of sticky buns is mesmerizing, sweet, dreamy, earthy, and floral. The exotic scent of sticky buns is a unique blend of sweets earthy and spicy undertones. 

Effects of Sticky Buns Strain

The effects of sticky buns strain are worth mentioning. This hybrid strain is Indica-dominant and offers intense effects of natural high. The strain is also known for its uplifting, energetic, yet highly relaxing and sedative. It can help manage chronic pain, anxiety, stress, and depression. Not only that it’s recreational abilities are also strong. 


Sticky buns strain is popular among sweet tooth weed smokers due to its sticky and sweet aromatic nugs. The strain is named sticky buns. Above, we have discussed everything you should know about sticky buns, from history and genetics to effects, aroma, taste, and more.  

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