18 June 2024
Garlic Drip Strain Review & Information

The Garlic Drip strain is a popular name among cannabis users for its exotic flavors and aroma. The spicy garlic taste and aroma make it different from the other strains. So, if you are looking for a new weed to try, then the garlic drip can be a great option to indulge in. 

Today, we will discuss essential things you need to learn about the Garlic Drip strain before you try them. 

What is Garlic Drip Strain? 

As the name suggests, the Garlic Drip strain has an undeniable garlic flavor that makes it one of a kind in the cannabis market. This strain was developed by Botanist ™. This cannabis strain is highly potent and packed with terpenes and Cannabinoids. Garlic drip also has a high THC profile, up to 17% to 21%. 

All the cannabinoid and terpene profiles combine in this strain to create a beautiful entourage effect and make you feel high (according to your body functioning). 

Garlic Drip Strain Genetics and History 

Garlic drip strain is a crossbreed of two potent marijuana strains named white OG and GMO.

Garlic Drip Strain Review & Information

White OG is an Indica strain popularly known as White Kush OG. White Kush OG is cultivated by crossing SVF OG Kush and The White.

On the other hand, GMO, which is also known as garlic cookies, is an Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain. GMOs are developed by crossing Girl Scout cookies and Chemdog.   

Garlic Drip Cannabinoid and Terpenes profile 

Garlic Drip is a hybrid of Cannabinoid strains Indica and Sativa. It is an Indica-dominant strain with 30% Sativa and 70% Indica. The strain also contains 25.8% of active Cannabinoid properties.

Aroma of Garlic Drip

Most cannabis experts have their long list of adjectives to describe the aroma of garlic drip. However, all of them will agree that the weed strain emits a noticeable pungent garlicky smell with other spices on the top note. At the same time, others describe the smell with the earthiness of the mushrooms mixed with sweet citrus peel and lemongrass.

Flavor of Garlic Drip

The Garlic Drip strain has a unique pungent garlic flavor. It also gives off a spicy, earthy flavor, such as black pepper with a sage aftertaste. Some also describe garlic drip as a skunky profile with a strong essence of lemon, pine, and diesel. 

Effects of Garlic Drip

The effects of Garlic Drip begin 5 minutes after dabbing or smoking and last for a few hours. You will feel the high after 5 minutes of consumption. The high feels like a cerebral buzz. After this come the feelings of sleepiness, bodily heaviness, and mental relaxation

Strains Similar to Garlic Drip Strain

Here are some well-known strains that have similar genetic, THC, and terpene profiles, like the Garlic Drip:

  • FPOG (Fruity Pebbles OG)
  • Mango Kush
  • Lemon Kush


Garlic drip strain is a popular cannabis strain, especially among those who love to go beyond the conventional taste and flavors and try something new. In the blog, we covered everything you need to know about this cannabis strain to make an informed decision. 

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